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Price Comparison Shopping

by Our Very Own Willy Street Co-op Mystery Shoppers

Here at Willy Street Co-op, we are constantly striving to offer the highest quality products at the fairest prices. One of the ways we ensure that we are on track is by regularly evaluating our prices in relation to our local competitors.

This month we’d like to offer a snapshot of our pricing on various items from each of our departments and how it compares to some of our in-town competitors. We mainly chose items that are considered staples and are purchased most frequently amongst our shoppers.

Here is a selection of products from our most recent pricing review, done in December of 2017. We have found that our Co-op pricing often falls at or below the average of our closest competitors, as you can see below. Prices are subject to change based on the market and may not be current at the time of publication. We recorded regular prices for each product, even if it was on sale, to get more accurate long-term data.

price comp chart725heartland

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