FY 2011 Community Reinvestment Fund Awards

The Community Reinvestment Fund is one of the primary vehicles the Co-op uses to carry out our commitment to Principle 7 (Concern for Community). Since 1992, Willy Street Co-op has awarded over $158,000 in grants to support projects in the areas of food, nutrition, health/well-being, sustainable agriculture, cooperative education and social change.

The focus of this funding is to provide grants to local, non-profit groups with limited access to funding. In 2011, the committee received 43 applications and made 17 awards totaling $20,000. These awards went to the following organizations:

Aldo Leopold Nature Center $750.00
Academy A.L.D.O., ALNC’s on-going after-school outdoor academy for Madison’s neediest students use the outdoors as a laboratory for physical and intellectual exercise. Tasty Treats for the Trail class will teach students how to create healthy snacks “to go” through fresh and dehydrated fruits and vegetables and give students a cookbook to take home.

Community GroundWorks at Troy Gardens $2,000.00
The East High School Youth Farm is a project to engage a diverse population of students from Madison’s East High School, in a hands-on science and vocation program focused on sustainable agriculture and service learning.  Funds will be used to supplement the salaries of two members of the on-farm educational team.

Crestwood Association of Parents & Teachers $500.00
Serving the Crestwood Elementary School on Old Sauk Rd., funds will be used to continue work of the Crestwood Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Snack Committee.  Formed to expose, involve and increase the amount of fruits and vegetables consumed by the children attending the school as well as to provide educational instruction on the selection and preparation to improve their overall health.

Edgewood College/Cultural Studies Club $1,500.00
Collaborating with Public Health Madison and Dane County to serve the Balsam-Leland neighborhood of Madison’s far southwest side to create a Front Yard Garden project to educate and unite the residents of this neighborhood.

Fitchburg Fields, Inc. $1,000.00
Bringing Food Survival Skills to MOM’s Clients - will match the opportunities available at Fitchburg Fields with the needs of clients of a local food pantry to offer instruction on growing and preserving foods for self-reliance.

Goodman Community Center $1,200.00
Teaching community members of all ages to keep and care for chickens in their own backyards will help improve the overall availability of foods providing premium nutrition and self-reliance.

Lindburgh Elementary School $1,300.00
To provide learning opportunities for children in and around the school in the area of food, agriculture, science and nutrition.

Literacy Network $2,000.00
The award winning Health Literacy program is geared toward improving minority health outcomes.  This funding will be used to provide nutritional curriculum and other related expenses with the program.

Lussier Community Education Center $1,500.00
To provide more opportunities for people living on low incomes to learn the benefits of eating locally grown foods, this funding will assist the Center to increase access to fresh locally grown produce for their participants.

Lapham - Marquette Parent Teacher Group $1,000.00
The school’s teaching garden is a valued resource for this elementary school and with adequate assistance, the garden can produce experiential learning and nutritious snacks that children can self-select.  Funds will be used to fund the gardener-in-residence for the 2011-12 school year.

Middleton Outreach Ministries $1,300.00
The community garden is designed to provide fresh food while teaching others to grow their own and provide self-sustaining skills.  Funds will be used to purchase a shed to store tools for the program.

MSCR/Safe Haven $1,200.00
To create an outdoor classroom, funding will aid in presenting this educational tool to promote healthy diets and knowledge on how food is grown.

Neighborhood House $ 500.00
Working with children and their families, organizers hope to expose the children to a variety of fruits and vegetables while working with the families to learn more about buying local produce from the South Madison Farmers’ Market.

O’Keeffe Middle School $1,000.00
Students at O’Keeffe Middle School will learn nutritious eating skills with the installation of a salad bar that can provide fresh vegetables and fruit, improving the general climate of the school altogether.

Team Survivor-Madison $1,100.00
To provide nutritional education and local foods (CSA) for women participating in their Triathlon Training Program for cancer survivors.

Van Hise Parent Teacher Organization $1,150.00
For an interpretive tool shed adjacent to their school garden for safekeeping of gardening supplies/tools as part of their Outdoor Classroom.

Workers Rights $1,000.00
For curriculum materials as part of their work to institute a yearlong, monthly basic rights trainings focused specifically for the benefit of restaurant workers.