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New Products

EO Everyone Lotion for every man
What smells manlier than cedar and citrus? Don’t answer that. Come and get this economically sized and priced lotion for the masculine energy in your life. Available at West.

Qet Getting Started Facial Suite kits
Give local Qet a try with these complete kits. Available in all three of the suites: Hydrating, Restoring, and Balancing. Makes a great gift or travel bag! Avaliable at West.

Terry Naturally Mesoglycan
A source of glycosaminoglycans, which are necessary for building blood vessels. This Wisconsin-based supplement company has made this supplement to support the cardiovascular system. Available at West.

Whetstone Woodenware
An Indiana-based woodenware company that uses U.S.-grown hard maple. They make beautiful spoons, rolling pins, biscuit cutters and so much more. Available at East and West.

Willy Street Co-op Veggie Half Sandwich
Hummus, broccoli, red onions, lettuce and tomato. Available at East and West.

Willy Street Co-op Mediterranean Snack Cup
Garlic Lover’s Hummus, feta cheese, cucumbers and black, green and Kalamata olives. Available at East and West.

Willy Street Co-op cream cheese
Available in blueberry, strawberry, and vegan blueberry. Available at East and West.

Wallaby Organic Greek Yogurt
Thick, creamy and authentically strained, the way Greek yogurt should be. Completely organic and packed with protein. Available in low fat or no fat in 16 and 32 oz. containers. Available at East and West.

Nancy’s Soy Yogurt
Organic, non-dairy yogurts sweetened with agave syrup, white grape juice or maple syrup. No cane sugar here. Five delicious flavors to choose from in perfect 6 oz. containers: plain, strawberry, vanilla, blueberry or blackberry. Available at East and West.

Madhava Baking Mixes
These new ancient whole grain baking mixes are made from kamut, farro and spelt. Organic and preservative-free. Try the Ooey-Gooey Chocolate Brownies or the Super Yummy Yellow or Chocolate Cake mixes. If weekend pancakes are more your style, check out their Flip for Flapjacks mix. Available at East and West.

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