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“Make New Year’s goals. Dig within, and discover what you would like to have happen in your life this year. This helps you do your part. It is an affirmation that you’re interested in fully living life in the year to come.” -Melody Beattie

Welcome 2016
Welcome to 2016 everyone! A new year stretches before us, full of promise. I am resolving to make the most of it. Foods to nourish the body, gratitude to feed the soul, and some extra healthy work-life balancing as the kids get older. How about you? We’ve done our best to support any New Year’s resolutions to eat healthier by offering Flash Sales on select items (30%-50% off!), tips for using healthier ingredients in your favorite recipes, free samples and more. Keep an eye out for some tasty samples throughout the store!

We’re also resolving tobe healthy organizationally too! For our Co-op at this particular moment, that means focusing on profitability. Sales are looking good (thank you, Owners!) and now we are working on improving our margin performance. If we return to profitability this year, we hope to be able to reinstate some of the staff benefits that have been put on hiatus, like merit raises and the 401k match.

FY15 Annual Report
If you’re interested in digging into the details of what happened last Fiscal Year (July 2014- June 2015) you’re in luck—the Annual Report has been sent out to all Owners! If you didn’t get one for some reason, please let us know and we’ll send one right out.

Cultural Audit
Willy Street Co-op is conducting a cultural audit to help us become a more inclusive cooperative. Three staff have been trained in the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI), as a first step in an audit method used with success at Seward Co-op in the Twin Cities.

What is the IDI? IDI, Inc., is a company that provides objective assessments for building cultural development for organizations. It’s essentially a snapshot of a person or group’s ability to appropriately adapt to cultural differences and commonalities in a particular moment in time, and then help participants consider how to develop that ability further. The assessment is provided online and takes about 30-60 minutes to complete. It asks participants to consider a variety of statements, and then asks for additional information about their intercultural experiences. After submitting the assessment, IDI, Inc. delivers the results and an Intercultural Development Plan with a variety of recommendations to the Qualified Administrators (who are licensed and trained by IDI, Inc. and are bound to confidentiality with regard to the results). The Qualified Administrators then take group and one-on-one time with the participants to help them interpret what the IDI indicates and review the recommendations provided. Qualified Administrators do not provide any coaching or personal suggestions, they help the individual and group participants navigate what IDI, Inc. has provided for them.

To help our Co-op use the IDI, we recruited consultant Beth Zemsky to provide third-party guidance and keep the project objective. Beth was also the consultant who aided Seward Co-op. We will continue to report on this initiative throughout 2016.

Community Reinvestment Fund Applications Available
It’s also time to submit Community Reinvestment Fund applications! The Community Reinvestment Fund (CRF) Committee has posted application information on our website: Applicants must be certified 501(c)3 organizations working in the Madison and Middleton area. Grants may be awarded to projects covering one or more of the following topic areas: food justice/access, cooperatives, sustainable agriculture, health/wellbeing, and social change. Go online to learn more!

Saying Goodbye… to Rich Lange, Longtime Vendor
We are sad to read of the passing of Rich Lange, one of the local farmers who has provided us with meat—including turkeys for this Thanksgiving—for over 20 years. Before entering into organic meat product, Rich and his father switched to organic farming practices and together joined Organic Valley. He was passionate about organic agriculture and meat production, and a true advocate for the kind of food system Willy Street Co-op supports. Rich is and will be missed.

Bon Voyage, Stephanie
Stephanie Ricketts will be leaving the Co-op to work with local futurist Rebecca Ryan at the end of this month. Stephanie has been the Executive Assistant here at Willy Street Co-op for over seven years, and many of you probably have had direct contact with her via Board elections and the Reader. We wish her the best in her new role, although she will bemissed! If you see her around this month, give her a high five.

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