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Angelica's Garden Lime Kvass Staff Pick (January 2016)Megan Minnick
Mad Maiden Shrub   
This is the first drinking vinegar to hit the market that uses locally grown ingredients, plus it’s super tasty! I usually just add it to plain or sparkling water to make a simple yet sophisticated beverage.           

Willy Beef Grass-Fed Beef   
I love that we’ve partnered with one awesome Wisconsin farmer to bring us some of the best beef money can buy. I feel good serving this beef to my family—it’s safe, nutritious, good for our local economy, and so tasty.

Nubian Heritage Soap   
I love love love the way thissoap smells—all of the aromas are strong, but not overpowering or artificial smelling. The bars are large and last a long time too!

Meyer Lemons   
When Meyer lemons are in season they’re the only kind of lemon I buy. They are sweeter and less acidic than “regular” lemons, with a distinct flavor unto themselves. They’re so good, they almost make winter worth it!

Kristi Jo McCloskey    
Equal Exchange Spicy Hot Cocoa Mix
This is a great fair trade product that’s perfectly sweet and spicy. It’s more than just hot cocoa. I put it in my coffee, on ice cream and make cupcakes with it. I love it!    

Willy Street Co-op Raw Almond Milk    
It’s very simple, not highly processed and naturally sweet. Makes better lattes than those made with pasteurized almond milk.    

Sartori Montamore Cheese    
Fruity and creamy. Great on crackers or in a grilled cheese.

Four Elements Herb Infused Body Oils    
The Love scent is made up of cinnamon, rose and sandalwood essential oils. Very hydrating and smells wonderful!

Kirsten Moore
Four Elements Minus Sinus Tea    
This organic and caffeine-free herbal tea is hand-harvested in Wisconsin. It’s wonderful and warming for the winter season, and the flavor is delicious, fresh, and soothing. It’s called MinusSinus, though it’s great any time.    

Garden To Be Mixed Microgreens
I love this year-round local product, and I especially love it in winter because it adds a little local green when there’s not much of that around. If you’re thinking of eating more vegetables this year, microgreens look good, taste great, and add a little nutritious crunch to sandwiches, salads, and as a garnish on finished dishes like soups or pastas.

Veriditas Addicition/Withdrawal Essential Oil Blend    
If you’re considering kicking a caffeine or sugar habit, this particular essential oil blend is designed to support just that. Just rub a few drops in your hands and slowly breathe in the aroma.   

Amanda Ikens
Dang Coconut Chips   
I have a chip problem. I love potato chips! So instead of buying a large bag of potato chips, I have been getting these. They are delicious, and a handful really satisfies my need for a snack.   

Electro Mix by EmergenC
This is a good pick-me-up if you are not feeling well and are great to have during or after a workout. It is just like other sport drinks but there are 0 grams of sugar!

Tonya St. Clair
Earth Balance Peanut Coconut Spread   
The two flavors are amazing on their own, but combining them take things to a whole other level. I like to spread it onto a rice cake and slice up a banana for a quick breakfast!   

Ashley Kuehl
Bulk Trail Mixes   
Great healthy options for snacks at an affordable price for the quantity I want. These protein packed treats get me through my day when hunger strikes!   

Willy Street Co-op Tuna Salad   
Seriously yummy goodness. Great on bread with mustard or with crackers.

Rio Star Grapefruit   
Eat for a snack, dress up a salad, or juice for the best margarita you’ll ever have! Rio Stars are only available for a limited time every year, and now is the time to eat them!

Veriditas Botanicals Acne Treatment   
If you have sensitive skin, you will love this product. This oil helps keep out bacteria while soothing and healing your skin. I use it twice a day on developing blemishes with a tiny amount of argan oil and my favorite hydrosol. My skin has never looked better nor felt so smooth.

Zelda J   
Juiced! Cold Pressed Juices   
All of these juices are super delish! Cold-pressed raw fruits and veggies (local and organic when in season) with nothing else added, locally made in Milwaukee. A tasty treat full of vitamins and magical goodness. I especially like any of the kale- or beet-based flavors: Invicibility, Lean and Clean, Protective Armor, and Hangover Destroyer. YUMMERZ! Available at West.

Angelica’s Garden Lime Kvass
Lime Kvass is my new favorite. It is so good. It is the best. Sweet and tart, this little darlin’ packs a mighty delicious probiotic punch. Locally made in Elmwood, Wisconsin. A small glass before bed is the perfect after-dinner digestif.

Joe Disch
Arrowhead Mills Tapioca Flour
Great for grain-free sauces, coatings, and baking. There’s a great recipe for wraps that’s pretty much just plantains and a little of this.   

Willy Street Co-op Bone Broth
It’s the real deal: slow-simmered from grass-fed beef bones and a touch of cider vinegar. You can add your choice of salt if desired, or not.   

Japanese Sweet Potatoes
Texture and appearance are a bit more like white potatoes, but the taste is better. Getting more popular but still a bit hard to find. So glad our Produce department carries them.

Ben Aerts       
World Waters Watermelon Water   
Loaded with potassium and just enough natural sugars. Delicious, nutritious, and refreshing!       

Willy Street Co-op Honey Bee Bars   
Naturally sweetened with honey, these bars give you a boost of energy without a sugar crash. Great for breakfast or on the go!    

Pomelo is essentially the mother of grapefruit. With a much less bitter taste than grapefruit, they are juicy, sweet, and wonderful!

American Provenance Natural Deodorant   
This deodorant works great, has aluminum-free baking soda and only natural ingredients, and is made locally! My favorite scent is Shotguns and Shenanigans.

Anna Geisthardt
Delicata Squash
Delicatas are incredibly easy to prepare and delicious. You can eat the skin, so just scoop out the seeds, cube it, toss in coconut oil with salt and pepper and roast in the oven for 20-25 minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit. The little cubes melt in your mouth and the side touching the pan will caramelize and get a little crunchy —those are my favorites.   

Ansley Knoch
Easy Sprout Sprouter
Growing my own sprouts not only helps me eat healthier, but it lets me grow my own food whenever I want! There is a great selection of sprouting seeds in the bulk spice section as well: spicy, crunchy, mild—they’ve got it all.

Bunky’s Hummus   
Their hummus is the best I’ve ever had. The texture is perfect, the flavor is spot on, and it’s locally made!

Willy Street Co-op Veggie Breakfast Sandwich   
I always look forward to my morning shift at West because it means I can get a breakfast sandwich! Toasty biscuit with egg and cheesy mushrooms and onions—yum! It’s fast, easy, and the price is oh so right. Willy West only.

Organic Fresh Turmeric
There’s such a world of difference in my recipes when I use fresh turmeric. Plus, it makes amazing golden milk!

Shire City Fire Cider   
I drink this all winter long to keep me feeling toasty warm inside. It doubles as vampire protection with all the garlic in there, too!   

Angela Pohlman
Alvarado Street Bakery Sesame Sprouted Bagels
When I am trying to eat healthier, I aim for high fiber and protein. These bagels fit the bill! Filling and delicious, they are great toasted and smeared with avocado, or as sandwich bread.   

Jack Kear
R.W. Knudsen Just Cranberry Juice   
The bitter astringency that I could not accept at first taste becomes something you crave!

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