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Hampton Creek Just Mayo 

It tastes great, I can use it in recipes of any kind (including vegan) and it doesn’t have bazillions of unreadable ingredients. 


Brightside Gentle Tea Cleanser 

I have tried numerous face washes, and this one tops the list. It cleans thoroughly yet gently—no fussy fragrance involved. My face never feels tight and dry after use. Best yet, it is the brainchild of a local woman. 


Willy Street Co-op Broccoli Florets 

These are great to add in to mac and cheese or stir-fry. I love that they are produced and processed locally through the FEED Kitchens. 

Twisted Oaks Farms Whole Muscle Beef Strips 

This is the Cadillac of jerkies. I can’t think of a better choice for a road trip, a day at the park, or really just any day I feel like eating steak but not cooking. The taste is amazing and it’s a local product. 


Willy Street Co-op Samosa Pocket 

Cause it’s DELICIOUS! Paired with a small salad, it’s perfect for lunch or dinner. 

Klean Kanteen (insulated) 

It keeps my Joe piping HOT! Seriously, it’s been known to keep my drinkypoo hot for hours. 


Peach Mango Klarbrunn 

I was never one of them, the “Klarbrunn people.” I didn’t understand the obsession and I never thought I’d fall into that lifestyle. But here I am buying multiple cases a week. Since that first sip I am addicted and I cannot stop. It’s crisp and refreshing and I can’t get enough. 


Latte with maple syrup 

Another Co-op employee turned me onto this. Espresso and maple syrup (99¢ extra) complement each other very well and make for a deeply flavorful, yet not too sweet, latte. Yum. 


Gluten-Free Pumpkin Apple Muffins 

These muffins are super-delicious. They have juicy chunks of baked apple and a delicious and crunchy crumble crust top. 


Herbs Etc. Rocky Mountain Osha Root Cough Syrup 

This is my go-to for any chest congestion or cough (also known as bear root). 


Rishi Jasmine Green Tea 

I love Rishi Jasmine tea because it isn’t just jasmine-flavored but contains actual jasmine blossoms. I drink it every day. Also, Rishi is local (from Milwaukee) and has the best tea around in my opinion. 


Tapuat Kombucha - Ginger 

This delicious effervescent kombucha will cure a funny tummy in no time! 


ShiKai Borage Therapy Borage Bar 

This non-soap cleans you up but doesn’t dry out or disrupt the natural balance of your skin. I have very sensitive skin, especially in the dry winter months, and using a non-soap has really made my sensitivities much more manageable. 


Bubbies Kosher Dill Pickles 

Bubbies are the absolute perfect pickle. They are fresh and crisp, just salty enough and with a tiny hint of spice. I always have a jar of these in my fridge. 


New Glarus Serendipity Ale 

It’s sweet and tart in the best way, and very refreshing. As someone who is picky with beer and wine, I really recommend this. I even had a friend from California take some home since she loved it so much! Available at West and North. 27 


Cheese Curds 

Microwave those puppies for about 10 seconds for an amazingly gooey and flavorful snack.


Guayaki Yerba Mate Revel Berry 

It’s the perfect kick of energy I need after studying all night, without the horrible crash I get from Red Bull. 


Veriditas Hydrosols 

The Rose, Orange Blossom, and Lavender Hydrosols from Veriditas are essential for me in winter when my skin is at its driest. A healthy spritz goes a long way before bed, after a shower or whenever you need a pick-me-up! 


Nature’s Dynamics Vegan Garden Gummies For Kids 

My son’s favorite gummy vitamin! I love that it is gelatin-free and completely plant-based and certified organic. 


Concorde Pears 

Folks, this might just be the best-tasting pear that we carry! They have the most wonderful flavor notes of vanilla and honey. It can be eaten at nearly any point of ripeness, from firm all the way to soft. I personally prefer them with a slight give under the pressure of my thumb, roughly the same feel as cold butter, for example. Give one a try now; they won’t be around the whole year! 

Japanese Sweet Potatoes 

Sweeter, denser, and drier, this white-fleshed sweet potato is a great change-up to the more common orange fleshed varieties. It lends itself best to simple preparation. My favorite way is to bake it whole, and then smash it and lightly sprinkle it with salt. Nothing else needed! 



The kumquat might be my favorite fruit of the year—a burst of citrus radiance in a compact, orange, ovoid package. Eating the skin is essential; that’s where the sweetness that balances the bright sour flesh is concentrated. Great as a little palate-cleanser during a big meal. I give the noble kumquat credit for helping me to get through the winter with no more than a little sniffle now and then. Healthy for body and spirit. 

Old Sugar Distillery’s Queen Jennie Sorghum Whiskey 

Simultaneously sweet and dry (which I fail to understand), Queen Jennie makes a fine digestif (you know, after dinner)... and it’s pretty good at any other time as well. I like it neat, maybe with just a few drops of water added. It’s made here in Madison from sorghum, a grain friendly to environmentally sustainable growing practices here in the upper Midwest. A great locally focused holiday gift! Available at West and North. 

Sartori Extra-Aged Goat Cheese 

This masterpiece from Sartori gains complexity and richness, rather than funkiness, from its goat milk base--so, even if you think you don’t like goat cheeses, think again. Its tangy fruitiness resembles a mellower version of a true Parmesan, and it sits right between a hard grating cheese and a perfect snack to slice with fruit, good bread and wine. 


Willy Street Co-op Hot Toddy Concentrate 

This simple blend of fresh ginger, lemon and honey is my go-to for when I’m feeling under the weather. I freeze it into ice cubes and add to hot tea. A great remedy for a common cold. 


Willy Street Co-op Salted Caramel Bars 

These are heavenly. I could eat 12 if someone would allow me to. Chocolate, salted caramel and a crunchy cookie crunch...what more could you need? 


Asian Pear 

Asian Pears are amazingly delicious! They have a nice, crisp texture. Their flavor is a long-lasting mild sweet flavor. They are a great snack by themselves or paired with a rich cheese. They will also go nicely in a fruit salad! They are definitely one of my favorite fruits. 


Woodstock Organic Tri-Colored Peppers 

As much as I love cooking with fresh produce, it can be pretty pricey when not in season. These frozen organic peppers are a delicious and affordable alternative to fresh peppers during winter. 

Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Organic Lip Balm 


This lip balm is fantastic, and it’s way more affordable than many other organic lip balm brands. It keeps my lips from getting chapped during the dry, windy winter months. I love the peppermint, but there are lots of other great scents, too. 

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