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Bike Rack Woes

Question: More bike racks, please!!

Answer: Another bike rack has been ordered to replace the one damaged by the semi-tractor. It will be located in a better spot; slightly different angle for better access.

-Anya Firszt, General Manager


Nature’s Bakery Cookies

Question: Please do not discontinue selling (purchasing) almond-maple syrup cookies from Nature’s Bakery. They are among the most healthy, tasty, non-sugar cookies available. All of your bakery products are made with sugar. You don’t use alternatives. I can’t get to Nature’s during the daytime hours because I often work evenings and I depend on Willy Street Coop being open until 9pm.

Answer: We do use brown rice syrup, maple syrup, fruit sweeteners and honey in our baked goods. We do plan on continuing Nature’s Bakery items. We enjoy and appreciate their work! Thank you for your comment.

-Emily Strickler, Bakery/Juice Bar Manager


Juice Bar Wall

Question: What’s with the white wall around the juice bar? It looks a bit inhospitable.

Answer: The white wall was constructed to prevent food from flying into the aisle as well as to protect the hygiene of the food behind the counter. And finally, to direct people to the end where the service counter is.

-Anya Firszt, General Manager


Delicious Sushi

Question: I tried the Willy Street Coop sushi earlier this week and WOW! It’s fresh and yummy, unlike most packaged sushi (we loved the Harvest Rolls). They’d be even more enticing if made with brown rice - any chance?

Answer: Thank you! Our sushi is made fresh here daily using produce directly from our fabulous produce department. We began using the white sushi rice mostly because it was more traditional and what people expect when they get sushi, it also has a slightly higher starch content giving it that stickiness. There’s no real reason we don’t use the brown rice, just tradition. Maybe if we can get another rice cooker we can give it a try. Thanks again,

-Dan Moore, Deli Manager


Hummus Hike

Question: I’m wondering why the price of the Willy’s Own hummus went up so much. It went from $3.59/lb. to $5.49/lb. which seems a bit dramatic, especially for a staple.

Answer: Thanks for writing. Yeah, that was a huge increase and was pretty drastic. Unfortunately, this particular item has really increased in cost for us in the past couple of years. We made a few ingredient changes and the change to recyclable packaging, so we had to increase the price. Originally, we thought we’d make the change incrementally but decided that we should just get it over with. Sorry, but we needed to do it.

-Dan Moore, Deli Manager


Anyone Find a Cane?

Question: I hope that whoever found my cane at the customer service desk is just trying to figure out how to find me - the cane is full of colorful butterflies with a sticker on it: War is so 20th Century. Return it to customer service—they have my contact info - Blessings and Peace

Answer: Good letter, we’ll let you know if we’re contacted regarding the cane.

-Lynn Olson, Member Services Manager.


Send in Your Recipes: A Repeat

Question: I am disappointed each month to see that the recipes in the newsletter are just republished from Bon Appetit or similar publications. Could we do something more original? Use recipes from customers or local restaurants? Anyone can pick up Bon Appetit or Gourmet and look at the recipes. What’s the use of that? I’d also like to see more vegetarian recipes included.

Answer: I know! We’re working on it. We’ve tried to solicit recipes from other sources but it isn’t as easy as we thought it would be. We would love, love, love to print recipes from our members and customers. Please send them in! You can send the care of Reader Editor at the Co-op or by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Thanks for writing!

-Liz Wermcrantz, Reader Editor

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