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What’s New in Prepared Foods

patrick schroeder

by Patrick Schroeder, Prepared Foods Category Manager

Holy smokes, y’all! That was a busy season! We had a lot of fun working our tails off to serve you, whether it was baking pies, making your sandwiches, roasting chickens, packing up catering meals, or connecting with you at $5 Dinners! Happy New Year!

In Prepared Foods, we’re turning our focus back to new product development. We went on hiatus over the holidays. If you haven’t had time to try some of our newer products, you should keep an eye out for these soups in our Delis to warm you during the long winter:

Beer Cheese Soup

This is our new favorite soup! Made with Burnett Dairy Co-op cheese and Great Dane German Pilsner, it is warming and delicious.

Senegalese Peanut Soup

This recipe has been with the Co-op longer than most of us who work here. It has made it's way back to the Deli due to Owner requests! Enjoy!

Split Pea with Bacon

We loved our other Split Pea Soup. Then we added bacon. Now we
REALLY love it. 

Cabbage Borscht

Cabbage and beet soup? Hot? Drop a dollop of sour cream in the bowl. It's unexpectedly good. Don't miss it!