Purchase a Fair Share

Ownership in the Williamson Street Grocery Co-op is achieved by purchasing a Fair Share. Your Fair Share is a capital investment in your Co-op, like a share of stock in a company. As an Owner, you'll receive Owner-only sale prices and other benefits at both our Madison and Middleton locations. We encourage our Owners to attend Co-op events and to participate in Co-op committees and vote in elections to protect and enhance their investment.

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Fair Share contract

Individual Ownership is one person entitled to one vote. The Individual who would like to become an Owner must complete the form below. Only the individual can use their Owner number and receive the benefits of Ownership
HouseholdOwnership2 is two people entitled to one vote who live in the same dwelling. Both people on the Ownership can enter prize drawings, pick up tickets to the Annual Meeting & Party, and receive patron refunds when applicable. The primary name on the Ownership must be the person who is completing this form and is the only person who can make changes regarding the Ownership. Any other adult living in an Owner's household may use the Ownership to make purchases, but cannot vote, enter prize drawings, pick up tickets to the Annual Meeting & Party, or receive patronage refunds.

1Cooperatives and Non-Profits are entitled to purchase equity ($91/Household) and assume the rights and benefits of Ownership. See Customer Service at either store to sign up. Cooperatives must provide a copy of their Articles of Incorporation, and Non-Profits must provide a copy of their IRS 501c3 determination letter.

2Businesses are not eligible to invest equity and become Owners; however, the Co-op does offer a Business Account which offers limited shopping benefits, such as a discount on pre-ordered cases. See Customer Service at either store to sign up for a Business Account.

Choose Full or 7 payment plan of either an Individual or a Household Ownership.
Extra verification is required to qualify for an Access Discount and can be submitted in person at either store location. (See below for requirements)

Individual Ownership

One-time payment of $58.00 ($56.00 for a Individual Fair Share investment + $2.00 non-refundable administrative fee*)
* Payment in full saves you up to $12.00 in administrative fees.