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too many carbs
Q: Too many carbs on thehot bar. Please provide more paleo type dishes i.e. plain chicken breast, broccoli, etc.

A: Thanks for writing in. Your request is one we’ve been seeing more and more. To this end, we’ve started to develop some grain-free dishes, which have gotten good reviews from hot bar shoppers. It isn’t likely that we’ll be able to feature meat-only selections due to cost. We do plan to continue developing grain-free options for the Delis. We hope you enjoy them! –Josh Perkins, Prepared Foods Director

daily soup menu
Q: May I suggest that you post your daily soup menu online along with your regular menu?

A: We do indeed do this! Although, I grant you, it may not be as easy to find as it could be. Once you go to the Deli department page, you’ll find the soup menus in a sidebar under “East Menus” and “West Menus.” Hope this helps. –Josh Perkins, Prepared Foods Director

price issues
Q: I just spent $2.29 on 7 very small pieces of beets from your salad bar. Your prices are beginning to make me mad. Do you really believe these prices are reasonable? $1.50 for a cookie? I like to come here and shop, or should I say I used to. Maybe I’ll just buy less and come here to shop less and less.

A: Sorry that these purchases caused you frustration. We, too, are frustrated over escalating food costs. We rarely are able to find reductions in the costs of produce and other foods we use, but do keep our prices at or below the levels of other groceries in town that also use primarily organic ingredients. We hope you will continue to enjoy our prepared foods. –Josh Perkins, Prepared Foods Director

product selection at East
Q: Congratulations on keeping an entire aisle of chips and cookies available for shoppers (not to mention all the NOW food items). In the meantime, I cannot buy the food I want for my family. WTF! I feel like I’m at Woodman’s. This is not MY co-op. Are you listening to your staff and member-owners?

A: I’m so sorry you aren’t happy with our product selection during the remodel. We cut each category of product an equal amount based on sales and available space.
We will be able to bring many of the cut products back after the remodel is over later this summer. In the meantime, I hope you will request products you particularly miss using one of these comment cards. We’retracking all requests and using them to inform our post-remodel selections. You can also special order any product during this time. Thanks! –Megan Blodgett Minnick, Purchasing Director

bag clips
Q: Bag clips. Carry ’em!

A; Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately many of the bag clips we find are made in China, which we are trying to avoid. I find clothespins work great, and we do carry some bamboo ones that are more sustainable. Thanks. –Kathleen Kemnitz, General Merchandise Manager–East

excellent meal
Q: Our family of 5 enjoyed an excellent hot meal from the deli tonight. Loved, loved, loved the grain-free, allergen-free options, especially the chicken squash curry! Thank you for this delicious, convenient, and healthy food at a fair price! We love Willy Street Co-op.

A: Thank you so much for your kind words! We’re happy you enjoyed your meal with us. Best, Josh Perkins, Prepared Foods Director
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