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East Remodel Work
The past couple of months have been some of the most disruptive of our Willy East remodel. Rearranged entryway, a big wall dividing the frontend, lots of floor grinding and polishing. Wowza. Thank you thank you for your patience during this period!

Moving forward, I’m happy to share that the worst should be behind us. Some exciting changes have already been completed, like the fresh meat case, the updated Deli, the hot bar. Expect a revamped and relocated Juice Bar, refreshed Commons area, and a finished entryway. Despite the tough weather this winter, we are on track to complete construction by August.

Central Office
As of today, we are all moved into our Central Office at 1457 East Washington Avenue. It’s been a slow process getting the building ready for our needs, but at last we are settling in. The Production Kitchen remains at the 1882 East Main Street location, and our admin teams are all finally under one roof. Stop by and visit us if you’re in the neighborhood.

After months of anticipation, the month of CCMA is finally here. The 58th Consumer Cooperative Management Association Conference (CCMA) is taking place from June 12th-14th. Madison will be inundated with over 500 excited managers, staff and Board members from cooperatives across North America. This annual conference is a highly anticipated event in the cooperative grocer community, and features dozens of workshops, interesting tours, inspiring keynotes, and one kickin’ party to round out the three-day event. We have been working with the Food Fight Restaurant Group, and Eldorado Grill in particular, to provide top-notch food for the big finale party, have a special edition Capital Brewery White IPA brew called the “Whet Willy” (also available in very limited quantities at Willy West) and other fun tastes of our local community. It’s been very exciting and fun to plan—now onto the conference itself.

Board Nominations
Are you passionate about the Willy Street Co-op? Interested in policy governance, strategic thinking, and/or Board development? Consider running for the Willy Street Co-op Board! We will have three vacant positions this election cycle, and need committed and enthusiastic individuals to fill them. Look for more information in this month’s Board Report and on our website.

Third retail Site
We are still working on vetting potential locations for a third Willy Street Co-op. Once we have something more concrete to report I will certainly share it with you.

Last Chance for Patronage
Remember to use your patronage refund before the June 15th deadline. Owners are welcome to donate their patronage to CHIP or FCI at the register… or use it to pick up a little treat for yourself. By law, if your credit isn’t used by June 15th, 2014, the Co-op must record the amount of your store credit and retained patronage equity as income and pay the necessary taxes on that amount and your refund is officially forfeited.

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