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Good Grilling Cheeses

We’re all familiar with the yellow cheddars and American cheese slices of the world, but this article isn’t about them. If you’re already slicing some for burgers as you read this, don’t feel guilty. You’re carrying on a great midwestern tradition. If you’re feeling a little iconoclastic, read on!

Whether it’s a grass-fed Willy Beef Burger or a spinach-filled Florentine Burger, these are three melting cheeses you should try.

Farmer John’s Provonello  
With a lighter bite and a softer body than most provolones, Provonello won’t overpower your main event. This unassuming cheese, with its small circular shape, can be the perfect topper for your round grillables. If you shape your burgers just right, the round slices of Provonello sit just atop without melting off the sides. Slide some chopped basil underneath the cheese and you’re in business.

Roth’s Horseradish Havarti
Nothing makes a piece of cheese better than adding cream to the vat from whence it came. Havarti benefits from this, producing a savory, creamy topper for those burgers. It simply can’t hurt that this one is also laced with mustard seed, chives and plenty of horseradish. Don’t burn the sweet potato fries while you’re snacking on the ends of the block!

Italian Taleggio
Ok, one from across the ocean. Taleggio is a little stinker—a square slab of cool, rich, milkiness encased in microbes and fungi from the same caves that inoculate drums of Gorgonzola. Don’t turn up your nose! It won’t bite! Slice it up and serve it atop your grillables with caramelized shallots or onions.

other cheeses
You can even have cheese on the grill without anything under it (maybe a little oil)! If you’re just getting through life in between the moments that you can have fried cheese curds, consider grilled cheeses a fitting respite. Cheeses like Juustoleipa come ready to grill right out of the package. We currently carry a Juustoleipa called Brun-uusto by Brunkow Cheese. Also grillable is Cesar’s Fresh Mozzarella. Buy a ball, slice it in thick slabs and coat with olive oil.

Welcome! You’ve just joined the few, the proud, the cheese grillers. Look, your summer is going to be great even if you don’t end up using any of these ideas. The grill will come out, things will go on it, sun will get soaked, drinks will get drunk. Beautiful. Just imagine how much more beautiful it could be with cheese.

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