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Pasqual’s Salsa
If you’ve felt like your favorite local tortilla chips have been missing their tasty counterpart, well, fret not. Pasqual’s salsa is here! Enjoy Tomatillo, Mild and Medium. This salsa is made locally from local ingredients. Available in the refrigerated section. And don’t forget Pasqual’s tortilla chips in the chip aisle. Available at East and West.

Paeleon Olive Oils
Willy Street Co-op is proud to introduce new extra virgin olive oils from the Koroneiki family farm in southern Greece. This family has been creating delicious olive oil for over 70 years in Southern Greece, and now they have four unique flavors to choose from: original, basil, lemon or red pepper. Each oil comes from the first pressing of their olives and incorporates fantastic aromas and finishes. You can also pick up their new spicy Kalamata olives. Available at Willy East and West.

Kevita Master Brew Kombucha
What could possibly be better on a summer day than pineapples and peaches? How about lavender and melon? Or how about tart cherry? The folks at Kevita have done it again with their Master Brew Kombucha. This energizing, probiotic-happy drink will not only cool you down, it will help make your tummy forget the ice cream you ate last night. It’s non-GMO, organic and sweetened with stevia. The path to healthy starts here. Available at East and West in the refrigerated section.

Organic Valley Grassmilk Cheddars, Mild and Sharp
Like their recent Grassmilk liquid products, Organic Valley’s Grassmilk Cheddars are made with milk from animals that are only eating pasturage, no grains here (at least during milking/production season). Available at East and West.

Renard’s Cheese Fresh Cheese Curds and String Cheeses
Door County cheesemaker Renard’s Cheese has started bringing us fresh cheese curds and nearly as fresh original and smoked string cheeses (made the day before!) every Wednesday. Come sink your teeth into them and feel the squeak. Available at East and West.

Renard’s Cheese Sriracha Cheddar
Finally, we can say we have a spicy cheese worth the name. This medium cheddar is made with chili peppers and approximates the flavor of Sriracha sauce beautifully. Slap this on your burger, in your mac, or just gnaw on it. Available at East and West.

Carr Valley Penta Creme Blue
The story behind this blue cheese is that it has five cans of cream added to the milk vat during cheesemaking. We don’t know how much cream that actually amounts to be, but the cheese is stellar. If you need to convert some family or friends into the fold ofmold, this is your cheese. Come find it! Available at East and West.

French Tomme Traditionelle
Man, we miss Tomme de Savoie. As long as the FDA holds to its new standards, we probably won’t be seeing that wonderful raw milk cheese from Auvergne, France, anytime soon. Tomme Traditionelle is its heat-treated cousin. Not fully pasteurized. Come try this crusty fella and think fondly on our friend back in Savoie. Available at East and West.

Glass Dharma
Back by popular demand! Beautiful glass straws handmade in Fort Bragg, California. They are made with borosilicate glass, which is the strongest glass commercially available. Agreat way to reduce the waste of plastic straws! Available at East and West.

Alaffia Triple Milled Bar Soap
Long-lasting soap made with fair trade shea butter! Every purchase of this and other Alaffia products supports Alaffia’s Empowerment Projects such as Bicycles for Education and Maternal Health. Available at East and West.

Dr. Bronner’s All-One Toothpaste
Made with 70% organic ingredients including fair trade coconut flour and coconut oil. Fluoride-free, SLS-free. Available at East and West.

Nourish Cream Deodorant
Organic, aluminum-free, and effective! Available in four scents: Almond Vanilla, Lavender Mint, Forest, and Geranium. Available at East and West.

The Food Movement Vegan Vitamin D3 softgels
Made with vitamin D3 derived from lichen, and certified vegan. The softgels contain 5000 IU each. Available at East and West.

Whole Earth and Sea Multivitamins
Starting with organic, non-GMO, heirloom seeds on Canadian organic farms. Hand-harvested, raw-processed to deliver a nutrient rich blend to provide high quality nutritional benefits in a capsule. Available at East and West.

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