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Why Socials and Sangria Make Us a Better Board

June 1st was the deadline for Board candidate nominations. Next month is our election issue where you will see candidate statements and receive your ballot. It will be an exciting election. The three current Board members whose terms are ending are all retiring, including myself. I will say more on that later.

Willy North is exciting! Please help support efforts to open the store. We think it will become a pillar of the Northside community as have Willy West and Willy East. You can help in a number of ways:

  • Participate in stakeholder meetings to give the community the store that will best serve it.
  • Become an Owner. Ownership of a cooperative means you are making an investment in the Co-op becoming one of the owners. It gives you a stake in the direction of the Willy StreetCo-op, special sale prices and more. We offer an Access Discount for those in need of financial assistance. See
  • Pay your Willy Street Co-op Ownership (equity) in full. This makes the Willy Street Co-op more financially healthy.
  • Purchase Bonds so we borrow less from financial institutions and you are part of community building
  • And in a few months shop at Willy North!

Deciding to open a new store is a big decision. Board members volunteer to consider many important decisions for the Willy Street Co-op. The bigger the decisions, the greater the stress. It’s important for the Board to have positive relationships so that we can fully and respectfully debate the best direction forward. Last September, Board Member Courtney Berner invited her fellow Board Members to her house for a social. We shared good food and nourishing conversation from the mundane to extraordinary. From what I remember, Courtney prepared delicious sangria. Full of fresh fruit to loosen our tongues, I believe I volunteered for this newsletter article that fun-filled night. See Courtney’s recipes to the right.

Courtney Berner, Dan Ramos Haaz, and I will be leaving the Board after the upcoming election. Please remember to vote in the election. It starts at the Annual Meeting and Party July 14th. I leave the Board with some joy for more personal time and less report monitoring. Mostly I will miss the satisfaction of volunteering with such a great organization to make our community more healthy and sustainable. Willy Street Co-op is special as were my times working with the Board, staff and Owners. Thanks for giving me three terms on the Board to work for you.

Highlights for me include opening the Production Kitchen (2005), opening a very successful Willy West (2010), talking to hundreds of owners about their ideas for the Willy Street Co-op’s future (2010), creating simpler more goal-oriented Ends Statements (2015), and lastly voting for Willy North. I liked the idea the minute I heard it. I was so happy when our research led us to such an exciting opportunity to serve a new community.

Courtney’s Sangria
Mix the following to taste:
Wollersheim Prairie Fumé (about 2 bottles)
Nectarines (3)
Pluots (3)
Cointreau (healthy splash)
Cherry brandy (small splash)
Lots of ice

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