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New Products

Watusee Chickpea Crumbs 

A new breadcrumb alternative! Great for those who avoid gluten, grains or yeast, this breadcrumb alternative is ONE ingredient: certified organic chickpeas! Try these even if you do eat bread; these crumbs contain five grams of protein and four grams of fiber per serving! Use anywhere you’d use breadcrumbs: breading for fried chicken, sprinkled on oven-baked, gluten-free macaroni and cheese, or in meatballs! Available at East, West and North.

Bob’s Red Mill Paleo Style Muesli 

A delicious, satisfying cold breakfast for summer mornings! Unsweetened, unsulphured coconut flakes are the foundation of this cereal—complemented by dried fruit, nuts, and seeds. They create a wonderfully balanced sweet/tang with protein to help keep you full until lunch. Pour it into yogurt, or let soak in your milk of choice overnight in a covered container for a get-up-and-go morning meal. Gluten-free! Available at East and West.

Organic Valley Grassmilk Yogurt Cups

Made from the milk of 100% grass-fed cows, which gives their milk a higher content of healthful omega-3 fatty acids. Certified organic. Single-serve size in plain, vanilla, blueberry or strawberry. Available at East and West. Selection may vary by location. 

Unreal Candy-Coated Chocolate Gems 

Colorful crunchy candy-coated chocolates that use colors made from plants! Available at East and West.

Utzy Utzzz’s: Stay Asleep 

Made in Stevens Point, this natural sleep aid combines nutrients and herbs to keep you sleeping. Available at East and West.

Garden of Life MyKind Gummy Multivitamins 

Certified organic, non-GMO and vegan food-based gummy. These gummies are sweetened with fruit! These are the only multivitamins we have that have a nutrition panel instead of a supplement panel! Available at East, West and North.

New Leaf Fields Smudge Bundle 

Made in Augusta, this is a trio of mini smudge—cedar, sage, and white pine. Burn or boil to release the wonderful scents. Available at East, West and North.

Derma E Vitamin C Renewing Moisturizer 

Give your skin a dose of vitamin C with this lightweight day moisturizer. It smooths, firms and revitalizes. Available at East, West and North.

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