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Four Favorite Kid Products

ansley knochby Ansley Knoch, Purchasing Assistant

Up4 kids cubes

I’ve been stocking my fridge with these super kid-friendly probiotics for years (although they are shelf stable and do not require refrigeration) and I can’t say enough good things about them. The packaging describes them as “vanilla melts,” but each one reminds me a lot of a small piece of white chocolate. If white chocolate were full of probiotics and vitamin D3. Because they are so tasty, my kid is very motivated to keep them in the house and has become responsible for noticing when we run low and reminding me to buy them again. I will never say no to help with grocery shopping. Possibly my favorite thing about them though is that they’re made right here in Wisconsin! Local probiotics? Yes please! Available at East, West and North.

Wedderspoon Manuka Honey Pops

Last winter I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts, and the host was talking about how she so wished that cough drops with lollipop sticks existed and there was such yearning in her voice and I wanted to shout into my phone “They’re REAL! I have them in my house!!” Seriously though, these honey pops are so amazing they have replaced all other cough drops and even most honey lemon tea at my house for sore throats and coughs. The ingredient list is short and sweet and the variety bag comes with three different fruit flavors. Yum! Available at East, West and North.

Everyday Shea Bubble Bath

I am not ashamed to admit that I have very little motivation when it comes to bathtime. It’s all about finding that sweet spot between easy for me and clean for my little guy. That’s where the bubble bath comes in. I fill up the tub with mountains of great-smelling bubbles, he sloshes around until he’s all pruny, and then all I have to do is rinse! With great scents like eucalyptus mint and soothing lavender you can’t make a wrong choice. Plus, you won’t throw your back out hovering over the tub, scrubbing. Available at East, West and North.

Chicobag Reusable Snack and Sandwich Bags

I love the idea of reusable sandwich and snack bags, but adding another item to be hand washed to the existing pile next to my sink fills me with a sense of dread. Luckily for me (and maybe some of you) not only are these snack bags super cute, they are MACHINE WASHABLE. Whoop whoop!! With a sweet adjustable closure, they can securely contain a variety of different-sized food items, from a handful of nuts to a big fancy sandwich, meaning just one of these bags can replace a bunch of sizes of single-use bags. Available at East and North.
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