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New Products in the Deli Every Month

patrick schroederby Patrick Schroeder, Prepared Foods Category Manager

It’s that time again. We have some more new offerings for you in our Deli and Bakery at all three stores. In our Deli, be on the lookout for:

• Marinated Mushroom, Artichoke, and White Bean Salad

This little salad is so flavorful! It would make an excellent accompaniment to charcuterie, served over greens, or tossed with freshly cooked pasta. Really versatile and super delicious. You can also just munch on it as-is. We do.

•Risotto Cakes: Made from real arborio rice with parmesan cheese, lemon, and parsley. A light and scrumptious snack!

•Potato Corn Chowder: Creamy, corny goodness just in time for warmer weather. Golden potatoes, sweet corn, coconut milk—vegan and perfectly balanced with a little dill.

In the Bakery, please try these new creations:

•New Butter Muffins: Our classic muffins have changed. A completely new recipe, a smaller size, and new flavors!

•Lemon Blueberry

•Orange Chocolate Raspberry

•Almond Poppy Seed

•Two Berry (Which two? You’ll have to eat one and find out!)

•Oatmeal Fudge Bar: You’re going to love this one. If the Sheba Bar is our favorite chocolatey crunch, the Oatmeal Fudge Bar is its chewy, gooey cousin.

Also coming down the road: our large cookies, individually wrapped for safety and freshness in compostable plastic sleeves. New dips: Almond Hummus, Skordalia (garlicky potato) Dip, White Bean Dip, Olive Caper Tapenade. We’re also still working on filled steamed buns!

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