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We Need Your Help Selecting More Specialty Produce at North

by Megan Minnick, Purchasing Director

Have you ever wished that you could purchase a wider selection of specialty produce at Willy North? So have we! From Thai chilis to tamarind to bittermelon—there have been a lot of items that we have wished that we could carry in the Willy North Produce department that we just haven’t been able to find from our suppliers. I’m happy to announce that this has recently changed: the distribution company that supplies us with the majority of our conventional (non-organic) produce at Willy North now has access to a whole host of fruits and veggies that we’ve never been able to get—so many items in fact, that we need your help deciding what to carry! 

If there is a fruit or vegetable that you would like to be able to purchase at Willy North, please take a moment to fill out the comment card printed next to this article. You can drop it into the comment box that’s located in the produce department at Willy North, or mail it to the Willy Street Co-op Central Office (1457 East Washington Ave., Madison, WI 53703). If you prefer the digital medium, there’s also a version of the form available online at 

Note that because these items aren’t typically grown by certified organic farmers, most of them will be conventional. Also, because this distributor currently only drops off produce at Willy North, the program will be limited for now… although if we get enough requests for specific products at Willy East and West we’ll definitely see what we can do! 

If we decide to carry the product that you’ve requested, we’ll be sure to let you know!