Knowledge is Strength

One of the great things that the Co-op has to offer besides great tasting local food is knowledge and education. It is so important; we have it written into our bylaws, section 2.2, paragraph 6 and 7:

6.  Integrate education about nutrition, the politics of food, general consumerism and cooperatives into its operations.
7. Cooperate with other cooperatives by sharing experience, information, time and patronage and/or holding memberships in local, regional and national cooperative organizations.

We'd be following this even if it weren’t part of our bylaws because, as a Co-op, we feel it's important to know where our food comes from and what happens to it along the way. Like the old saying goes, "You are what you eat."

To assist Owners with their connection to food we strive to provide numerous ways to gain access to knowledge about food, from politics to preparation. Each month we publish informative articles in the Reader, our monthly newsletter, written by our knowledgeable staff. Throughout the year we offer many classes that are taught by local purveyors or growers. They are almost always held in our Community Room at either location and can be signed up for through our Customer Service desk. Scheduling a store tour with can provide insight into how the products we sell are cared for and might introduce an item that you never knew we had. Store tours can be scheduled throughout the year or join us for one of our seasonal farm tours.

There are also ways to connect to us with little or no effort. Following us on Twitter or Facebook for posts about events or recent publications can be handy. Or subscribe to one of our email lists to receive updates or action alerts from the world of food politics.