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Madison Cooperative Network - Bringing Cooperatives, Credit Unions and Collectives together to work together.

Go Co-op - a great resource showcasing co-ops as communities, giving details on the different types of cooperatives, their vaules and benefits.

Co-op America - practical steps for using your consumer and investor power for social change.

University of Wisconsin Center for Cooperatives - featuring domestic and international stories about co-ops.

National Co-op Directory - compilation of Natural Food Stores/Supermarkets within the United States that are member-owned (plus a handful of like minded stores). Additonal sections include listings of co-op distributors and organizations that support the co-op natural food system.

Co-ops and You! - a site designed to teach youths about co-ops; it includes news, resources and games.

The Food Co-op 500 - is a support system that seeks to enable a faster and more efficient start-up process to develop new retail grocery co-ops.


Co-op America's Green Pages Online - searchable directory of over 25,000 products and services from 2,000 green companies.

Databases for Environmental Information About Your Community - A page of the state of Wisconsin Dept. of Health & Human Services with links to information about areas that have seen toxic releases or waste management activities.

WoodWise - working to preserve forests by reducing the demand for wood products and promoting sustainable alternatives.


Storage Guide: Food Safety - This guide provides a quick reference chart for proper food storage and handling tips.

Conscious Choice Magazine - magzine with online articles about health issues.

HappyCow - HappyCow's Vegetarian Guide is a worldwide, searchable database of vegetarian restaurants and natural health food stores, also including nutrition & health tips, recipes, living & raw foods, travel, veganism and vegetarian dating.

Wisconsin's Dept. of Health & Family Services - information about air issues, children's health, drinking water, eating safe fish and more.

Food Politics

Center for Food Safety - a non-profit public interest and environmental advocacy membership organization established in 1997 for the purpose of challenging harmful food production technologies and promoting sustainable alternatives.

Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems - an organization bringing together university faculty, farmers, policy makers and others to study relationships between farming practices, farm profitability, the environment and rural vitality.

Center for Sustainability and the Global Environment - dedicated to the study of pressing global problems stemming from interactions between human activities, natural resources, and the environment.

Community Food Security Coalition - an organization dedicated to building strong, sustainable, local and regional food systems that ensure access to affordable, nutritious, and culturally appropriate food for all people at all times.

FARM (Farm Animal Reform Movement) - an organization advocating a plant-based diet and humane treatment of farmed animals.

Food News - has a detailed report card for pesticides in produce.

Local Harvest - find family farms, farmers markets and other sources of sustainably grown food in your area.

Michael Fields Agricultural Institute - a non-profit organization that is devoted to developing an agriculture that can sustain the land and its resources.

Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch - a consumer's guide to sustainable seafood.

Midwest Organic and Sustainable Education Service (MOSES) - helps agriculture make the transition to a sustainable organic system of farming that is ecologically sound, economically viable, and socially just, through information, education, research, and integrating the broader community into this effort.

The O'Mama Report - an on-line resource for women who want to make the best possible decisions about organic agriculture and organic products.

Organic Consumers Association - an excellent source for news about organics and other food-related topoics.

Organic Trade Association - membership-based business association for the organic industry in North America.

Seed Savers Exchange - a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization that is saving "heirloom" (handed-down) garden seeds from extinction. SSE's 8,000 members grow and distribute heirloom varieties of vegetables, fruits and grains.

Travel Organic - a site where, for an inexpensive membership fee, you can get organic ratings on cities in Canada, France, Italy, Portugal, Singapore, the U.K. and the U.S.

USDA's National Organic Program - Consumer information about organics, including organic foods standards and labels, NOP history and fact sheets.

Vegan Madison - A locally maintaine site for all things vegan.

Social Issues

Boycott Action News - Listing of current ongoing boycotts and a boycott organizer's guide, among other resources.

Ending Sweatshops and Promoting Fair Trade - learn about sweatshop issues, get practical tips on buying Fair Trade and sweatshop-free products, and links to other organizations.

Family Farm Defenders - an organization working to create a farmer-controlled and consumer-oriented food and fiber system, based upon democratically controlled institutions that empower farmers to speak for and respect themselves in their quest for social and economic justice.

Responsible Shopper - investigate hundreds of companies on a range of issues, including: sweatshops, pollution, ethics, discrimination, and more.

Social Investment Forum - offering comprehensive information, contacts and resources on socially responsible investing.

General Community-Based

Bicycling Community Page - serves Dane County, Wisconsin, USA with information on bicycle transportation advocacy, touring, off-road riding, local bike shops, commuting, racing, weather, and news reports. It serves the global community with an annotated hierarchical list of hundreds of links to other bicycling related sites around the world.

Common Wealth Development - a non-profit organization created in 1979 to preserve the vitality of Madison’s Williamson-Marquette Neighborhood.

Community Action Coalition for South Central Wisconsin - from meeting basic needs to helping a low-income person start a small business, CAC offers a wide variety of services to the people of Dane, Jefferson and Waukesha Counties.

Community Car - a member-based carsharing service that provides cars by the hour for individuals and organizations. (There's usually one parked right across the street from the Co-op!)

Dane County Recycling Centers - has locations for recycling special materials (antifreeze, fluorescent lamps, motor oil, batteries, plastic bags and more), compost site information, and markets for construction and demolition materials.

Fitchburg Fields
An organization that teaches organic gardening techniques, food preservation and community building while donating their produce to local food pantries.

Goodwill Industries of South Central Wisconsin 

Uses revenue generated through the sale of donated clothing, footwear, household items, and computer equipment to provide services for individuals with disabilities and other challenges. Donation centers are located on Madison's East and West Sides, as well as in Fitchburg, Monona, and Middleton. (The Middleton donation center gladly accepts all permissible items except furniture.) Goodwill stores are located on Madison’s East and West Sides and in Fitchburg, and Monona..

Madison's 100 Mile Food Map
Four mapmaking students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, using their data-mining and geographical skills to produce the first of what they hope will be many.

FairShare Community Supported Agriculture Coalition - Farmers and consumers working together to promote a healthful local food supply, support small-scale farms, and protect the environment.

Madison Community Co-operative - dedicated to improving the Madison community by providing low cost, not-for-profit cooperative housing for very low to moderate income people and to be inclusive of underrepresented and marginalized groups of the community.

Madison Food System Project - working to draw the attention of citizens and public officials to the Madison/Dane County food system.

Madison Freecycling Group - The network connects individuals looking to get rid of items with individuals or charities that could benefit from these goods. Freecycle is the place to find a home for your unwanted furniture, clothing, building materials, computers, and all those other things that clutter our basements and garages.

Madison Herb Society - dedicated as a non-profit organization to the education of its members and the general public in regards to the culture and use of herbs.

Madison Stuff Exchange - provides area residents and businesses with a convenient way to exchange, re-use, or sell items they no longer need or want. You can post listings of items and materials you wish to dispose of or browse for those currently available in your area.

Marquette Neighborhood Association - website for the Marquette Neighborhood, with the Marquette Gazette online and other community information.

RAH (Recycling Away from Home) - is a joint project of various community organizations with the goal of providing recycling facilities for neighborhood festivals and events in Madison, Wisconsin.

REAP (Research, Education, Action and Policy) on Food Group - an informal grassroots organization that promotes the development of an environmentally sustainable, economically just, and healthful food system in and around Madison, Wisconsin.

Social Justice Center - a nonprofit office center cooperatively-owned by Madison Community Co-op, the Tenant Resource Center, Wisconsin Citizen Action Fund and Wisconsin Community Fund. The building houses the offices of the four founding organizations, plus offices of other nonprofits (in the incubator space on the lower level).

Sustain Dane - a non-profit organization dedicated to creating a community that deeply enjoys, cares for and is sustained by its unique environment.

We're Cooking Now - innovative program exploring the many uses of cooking and food for personal and community development.

WisconsinCooks - a site dedicated to bringing together people who love food, cooking and sharing these experiences with others.

Wisconsin Partners for SustainAbility - working to strengthen and "green" local economies, encourage local self reliance and social equity, and improve the quality of life in our communities and the earth as a whole. Also has a Green Business Network.

WORT FM - Madison's listener-sponsored community radio station.

WYOU - public access Madison community television.

Community Gardens

Community Action Coalition has information on their site about how to get a garden plot and addresses for plots around Madison.

Eagle Heights Community Garden - information about organic gardening, including pest management, composting and biodynamics.

American Community Gardening Association - gardening tips, event listings and more.

City Gardener - a Canadian site with tips about urban gardening.


StillTasty - a great guide to how long specific foods last, and how to make them last longer.

Wormfarm Institute - Dedicated to integrating culture and agriculture, the Wormfarm Institute is an evolving laboratory of the arts and ecology and fertile ground for creative work.

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