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Health Warrior Chia Bars
With a name like Health Warrior, you’ll want to fill your shopping cart with these gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, completely vegan super treats. Choose from apple cinnamon, coconut, banana nut, chocolate peanut butter and açai berry. Overflowing with Omega-3 for brainpower and energy—perfect for workouts. Available individually. Available at West.

Wildbrine Korean Kimchi
Derived from the age-honored process of fermenting wildly without the use of vinegar. Completely non-GMO and loaded with probiotics. Available in 18 oz. jars in the dairy section. Available at East and West.

Nature’s Path Gluten-Free Individual Oatmeal Packets
As if you didn’t enjoy Nature’s Path enough already, now you have the optionof having your favorite oatmeal in an individual gluten-free packet. Ideal for busy lifestyles, late night snacking or as camping companions. Assorted varieties in a box of eight. Available at West.

Tera’s Whey Organic Whey Protein Coffee flavor
Wisconsin-based organic dairy whey with real organic coffee. 20 grams of protein, sweetened with organic stevia; gluten-free, rBGH-Free and non-GMO. Available at East and West.

EvanHealy Ayurvedic Treatment Line
Facial care featuring plants and herbs used in the traditional healing system of India. Check out the Neem Immortelle Purifying Infusion. It uses neem to calm redness and sensitivity, and decongests clogged pores. Available at East and West.

Host Defense MyCommunity liquid
Made with U.S.-grown, organic mushroom, this extract features 17 species of mushroom for immune support developed by mycologist Paul Stamets; in a liquid form for easier assimilation. Available at East and West.

NaturaNectar Products featuring Brazilian Red Propolis
Check out their flagship product: Red Bee Propolis—with a higher ORAC ranking than any other food in the USDA database, a large diversity of flavonoids, isoflavones, and lignans, and their patented green extraction that uses no chemical solvents; this food supplement supports all body systems. Available at West.

GoodLight Natural birthday Candles
100% responsibly made palm wax and cotton wicks, they come in packs of 12 little candles; choose from all white or multi-colored. Available at East and West.

Cose Nuove Bird in a Box!
An eco-friendly birdhouse made in Norway. Comes flat, and packed for easy assembly, made of weather-proofed, recycled paper and is biodegradable. Comes with three sizes of wood rings to tailor the house to your favorite bird. A great project for kids, or an easy-to-send gift. Available at West.

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