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Introducing IDEALS, Which Replaces our ESP Sales Program

I don’t know about you, but when I’m shopping for my family, there are always two factors competing in my mind: price and quality. Of course I want to choose the most healthful options available. I want delicious, nourishing, whole, organic food that I can trust to be safe. On the other hand, I have a budget that I have to work within. Trying to balance these factors can be a real challenge no matter where you shop. I personally struggle with it when shopping for my family, and it’s something we always keep in mind as we decide what products to carry at the Co-op.

A new program
This month, we’re introducing a new program, IDEALS, aimed to help us all do the balancing act just a little more easily. The IDEALS program will replace our old ESP (Everyday Sale Price) items.

IDEALS will cover roughly the same number and type of staple items that the ESPs did, and will only include the high quality and organic natural foods you’ve come to expect from Willy Street Co-op.

IDEALS will, on average, be priced lower than ESPs were and unlike the ESPs, which were sales that could change quarterly,
IDEALS prices will be regular prices, not sales with end dates. Like ESPs, IDEALS will be available to Co-op Owners and non-owners alike (non-owners still pay the 5% surcharge).

How are we managing to offer even lower prices without compromising quality? One big factor is the relatively new Field Day line of products. You may have seen Field Day in our stores in the last year or so. This is a brand that is being developed by our largest grocery distributor, United Natural Foods (UNFI) to help independent natural foods stores and co-ops stay competitive in a marketplace that is increasingly being dominated by large chain stores with huge buying power.

In order to get the prices down, UNFI is partnering with a select group of manufacturers that are already producing high quality natural and organic food. In most cases, Field Day products come off of the same production lines as the other name brand organic products we sell, but by cutting out the middle-man, UNFI is able to bring costs down significantly.

To get the best pricing to our Owners and customers, we’re dropping our margins on the IDEALS products even further, giving you what is without a doubt the absolute best price you’ll find for high quality organic and natural foods.

Many, but not all, of the IDEALS products we’ve chosen will be Field Day brand. There are some areas where we feel other brands represent the best quality for the best price, and Field Day doesn’t offer some types of staple products that we feel are important to have represented in the IDEALS program.

Look for IDEALS signs in the store this month! For a full list of the new IDEALS items and prices, see the full page ad on page 16 of this edition of the Reader.
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