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Staff Picks

Justin Hoelzen
Ataulfo Mangoes
Looking to brighten your winter? Ataulfo mangoes have a smooth texture and honey-sweet flavor that will give you a taste of the tropics even in the midst of winter.

Serenity Voss
Alaffia Shea Butter (available in bulk)
A very helpful Wellness staff member recommended this to me when I was telling her how parched my face was. Winter had turned my skin red, flaky, and uncomfortable, and I was spending loads of money on different products that promised to be the cure. I used some that night, and I was so happy to wake up with smooth, hydrated skin. I love that such a reasonably priced, clean product (just one ingredient!) was the answer. Take a look at their website to find out more about Alaffia—it’s such a good company.

Ansley Knoch
Jeff’s Naturals Tamed Diced Jalapenos (East only)
These can turn any drab bowl of beans and rice into a party! The slices are a little too big for my taste, but a scoop of the diced ones are a perfect topping for pizza, nachos, soups, tacos, salads, everything!

Willy Street Co-op Pizza Dough
I throw this in a cast iron skillet in the oven with my homemade sauce and the pre-packaged pizza cheese from the deli plus whatever is floating around the fridge. In 20 minutes I have the tastiest thick-crust crispy-but-soft pizza ever!

Angela Pohlman
Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics Original Formula
A real whole food supplement—it is made using over 90 different plants, fruits, and mushrooms fermented for at least three years. This is the first probiotic supplement I have ever taken that completely protected me from getting a yeast infection after using antibiotics. The way this works as it was explained to me: rather than attempting to repopulate your gut with billions of bacteria, Dr. Ohhira’s addresses your body’s “infrastructure” to make sure you can keep probiotics alive and thriving. It’s shelf stable, vegan, and can be swallowed as a pill or chewed up. They taste sweet! My one-year-old loves them!

Dan Marten
Bountiful Bean Extra Firm Tofu
Fantastic organic and local product. Besides being a quality product, we’ve been getting into using it for green smoothies. Sounds weird? Don’t knock it till you try it!

Roelli Cheese Dunbarton Blue
Perfect “gateway” blue cheese. This has been a favorite for “Cheese Plate Date Night.” Grab a few cheeses, a baguette, some fruit, and a bottle of wine, and—BAM!—you’ve got yourself an evening! The cheese staff will guide you for the rest—they’re awesome.

Willy Street Co-op Green Zinger Fresh Juice Blend
Feeling a little sickly? Need a pick-me-up? Enjoy tasty juice and fun in general? Treat yourself to the Green Zinger! Lip-smacking good, and it’s sure to give you some extra pep in your step.

Great River Milling Multigrain Cereal (Bulk)
Hearty breakfast of champions (no offense, oatmeal diehards). Add a little fruit, a little peanut butter, a little yogurt, and this filling meal has you set till lunch. I love the coarse, almost chewy texture of this hot cereal compared to oatmeal. For bonus points, knead in a cup or so of this cooked and cooled cereal to your favorite bread dough. Then, you’ve got some awesome multigrain bread coming out of your oven that has a transformed flavor and crumb. Can’t beat that!

Hallie Zillman
Dried Organic Mango
They are like CANDY! I love them, my toddler loves them, our parrot loves them. They taste great and are a healthy alternative to sugary snacks. We often eat them as snacks or even as a fruit side for breakfast.

Bell and Evans Ground Chicken
I buy some every time it’s available! This is great for making quick chicken noodle soup, or soups in general! Don’t be fooled—it packs a lot of flavor, likely because it’s a mix of chicken meat including dark meat. It’s also great for stir fry, fried rice, noodle bowls and Thai-style meatballs! Really anytime you need to make a quick dinner!

Willy Street Co-op Lemon Cheesecake Bars
It’s the perfect balance of lemon and sweetness. Just enough cheesecake taste to balance the sweetness, but not too rich. YUM!

Anna Sisson
Sartori Montamore Cheese
Tried this as a sample one day and it was all over. This cheese has such an amazing flavor and it’s a versatile addition to any meal. Grate it on top of your pasta, slice it for a sandwich or use it for a cheese platter, you really cannot go wrong with this one!

Willy Street Co-op The Green C Juice Blend
This is the best juice! It’s sweet and tart and then has a nice parsley kick. It’s my favorite for when I’m feeling under the weather or just want a little treat.

Emily Greenall
Farmer John’s SmokedGouda
Yum—this makes an excellent grilled cheese!

Tex Mex Tuesday
Tex-Mex Tuesday on the hot bar is not to be missed.

Chemex Coffee Pot
This makes the best coffee and is pretty to look at!

Colleen Lawrence
Willy Street Co-op Strawberry Crumble Bar
I am always a sucker for a Strawberry Crumble Bar. It’s a great combination of textures (strawberry, crumble and bar), and I can’t get enough of the hint of almond on top.

Jack Kear
Jyoti Matar-Paneer
Easily the best bachelor dinner available. Simply warm this and some naan and dinner is served.

Renard’s Morel & Leek Monterey Jack Cheese
Sauté some button mushrooms and pile them between shreds of this cheese and two tortillas until melted. Heaven!

Amy Draper
Ground Pork
So versatile! Great for meatballs, in soups, for breakfast. I add my own ingredients. It doesn’t have sugar in it, as our house-made sausages sometimes can.

Heather Oppor
Dr. Bronner’s Lip Balm
This is the first and only lip balm I’ve ever finished, probably because I can’t go a day without it. It’s emollient enough to slide on smoothly but light enough that it never feels sticky or heavy. Since discovering this I haven’t had chapped lips once this winter. The orange ginger is my favorite—sweet and slightly zingy!

gianofer fields
Topricin Pain Relief and Healing Cream
Topricin is an odorless, greaseless, and fast acting topical pain reliever that does my old lady aches and pains right! It’s one of the products that I highly recommend to people suffering from the pain of physical exertion or accidental bumps and bruises. It WORKS!

Caitlyn Tompkins
Willy Street Co-op Pecan Pie
Our pies are awesome, but especially this one. It is just a classic representation of a pecan pie with local and organic eggs, local butter and locally grown and milled flour. I’m very excited that the Bakery is considering offering this year-round!

Sarah Linton
Suki Exfoliating Foaming Cleanser
This cleanser is amazing. It’s exfoliating and very effective, but gentle enough to be used every single day. It smells like heaven. It leaves my skin feeling clean, refreshed, and balanced, but not stripped or tight like some cleansers can. Plus, it’s a great deal. Even with daily use, one jar will easily last me four months or longer. Only at Willy East!

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