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Pi Day Pies

March usually doesn’t make the average person think of pie, but for the numerically savvy the word pie can conjure up thoughts outside the culinary realm. Mathematicians around the world honor the number pi 3.14159; Greek letter “π”) on March 14th. Pi is a number used to signify a constant, the ratio of a circumference of a circle to its diameter. For those who are less excited about math, it’s a great excuse to eat pie. 

Fortunately for all you pie lovers out there, Willy Street Co-op has pies to suit mathematicians with a variety of dietary restrictions. Currently we’re offering apple pie, cherry pie, pumpkin pie and pecan pie; our pumpkin, apple and cherry pies are available in gluten-free and vegan versions as well. You can get pie in a lot of places in town but what makes our pies so special is that they are made from scratch in our Production Kitchen. 

Best Local ingredients

Our Bakery has worked diligently to ensure that the best local ingredients are used to craft each one of our pies. Our traditional crusts are made using rBST-free butter produced in Richland Center, Wisconsin. Our vegan crusts are made by The Simple Soyman in Milwaukee, and contain whole grains and are free of gluten, eggs, dairy, sugar, palm oil, corn and GMOs. The apples and cherries in Willy Street Co-op pies are organic and sourced from Healthy Ridge Farms in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin. Healthy Ridge Farms is a small family-owned and -operated farm with a mission of providing natural and organic locally farmed produce. The pumpkin in our pies comes from New Traditions Homestead in Hillsboro. Wisconsin. The pecans do not come from Wisconsin, but we do make sure that all of our pecans come from U.S. farms. To really sweeten the deal, we make sure that our pecan pies are not made with any corn syrup, and we use eggs from New Century Farms in Shullsburg, Wisconsin. So this year on Pi day, don’t be a square—come around to the Willy Street Co-op for a sweet pie!



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