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Staff Picks


Mineral Fusion Glitter Top Coat Nail Polish

You can use it as a top coat on other colors to make them glittery, or you can just wear this by itself for a pure glitter look. The trick is to pour a bit of the polish on a makeup sponge, dab it onto your nails, then add another layer once it's dry. It's a bit messy, but you get the most glittery nails ever.

Acure Incredibly Clear Acne Spot Treatment

I can put just a tidbit of this product on before bed and see a significant difference in the morning! You don’t need much of this, so the little bottle will last a long time.


Mineral Fusion Purifying Gel Cleanser

This cleanser makes my face happy. It helped calm my unpredictable skin. My face feels fresh and clean without any dryness. It also smells great and a little goes a long way. 


Orchard Street Apparel

Comfy, well-fitting shirts and sweatshirts with really cute designs, Orchard Street is a small screenprinting and design company out of Milwaukee that uses water-based inks and and soy-based cleaners. Their goal is to "provide eco-friendly screenprinting on ethically produced garments." 


Pacha Bath Salts

Baths are how I like to treat myself, and Pacha Bath salts are the perfect complement to my bath-time regimen! They are fragrant and relaxing and really help the muscles after a shift on my feet!


Veriditas by Pranarom: Bug Bite Eraser

This anti-itch product is fantastic on mosquito bites. I'm not sure how I would make it through the summer without this soothing relief! Calms the itch right away but also lasts hours. And it smells good. The container is the right size for carrying around, especially as it's a non-drip roll-on so fear of leaking. 


Bodhi Ocean Breeze Whipped Body Scrub

For a bath connoisseur like myself, this product is awesome for when you are running short on time but still crave a fancy bath experience. Bodhi Scrubs make showering as luxurious as a bath but faster! It is a scrub and a soap—exfoliating and cleansing. All the scents are delightful, but my favorite right now is Ocean Breeze—to remind me of sun and warmer days.

McClure’s Garlic Dill Pickles

As a lifelong pickle lover, these are my go-to. Very flavorful and crunchy. Sometimes they become my whole meal because I cannot eat just one. They pack the jar full, and it is worth every penny!


Virgil's All-Natural Zero Sugar Cola

Virgil's makes the best zero-sugar/zero-calorie cola. I've tried other brands, and they all tend to leave an icky taste in my mouth and are never satisfying. Virgil's blend of sweeteners hits it on the head. This really hits the spot when I'm craving a cola, but want to avoid all the ingredients in traditional soda that I don't     need.


Royal Hawaiian Macadamia Nuts

These are delicious, affordable, and come in a handy resealable bag!



Quorn Nuggets

These are my go-to easy-to-make dinner/snack. Vegetarian but somehow taste better than most chicken nuggets!

Mourning Dove

Maple Valley Organic Dark Robust Maple Syrup

This maple syrup is awesome because it's local, tastes better than sugar in everything, and you can use a mason jar to save on wasteful packaging. Try mixing with some   tahini for a nut-free apple dip!


Equal Exchange Organic Jasmine Green Tea

I love this tea. I love the flavor, the aroma, the way it takes just a touch of honey to sweeten. The price point is fantastic! I suggest stocking up when it goes on sale to maximize your tea-spending power. And it is an Equal Exchange product supporting       small, organic farmers.


Little Secrets Milk Chocolate Crispy Wafers

Learn from my errors. Don't buy these! They're just too good. You won't be able to stop; it'll become a thing; these "little secrets" will become big problems. 

Seriously, everything about these is spot on! I've long since accepted that I have a candy problem—that being that my mouth wants those conventional candies I grew up with, but now I want cleaner ingredients and sourcing. And these, regrettably(?) fit the bill perfectly!

Orgain Chocolate Nutritional Protein Shake

Orgain’s Shakes are one of my go-tos for early morning shifts at the Co-op. Packed with enough protein and nutrition to keep me going for a while, these shakes are worth their value. Both the dairy option and the vegan option are great. Not chalky at all and with good chocolate taste!


Just Coffee Half Caff

If you're like me and are a bit caffeine sensitive and prefer the buzz more of tea than coffee (but love the coffee flavor and still want a bump!!!) this might be the perfect roast for you. It's also a truly delicious roast—smooth and malty and roasted by a super-cool Fair Trade, organic company    right here in Madison!


Gentle Breeze White Clover Honey

I like this product as an excellent sugar substitute with tea and coffee. It also goes great in marinades and just about anything else you want to make.


Local Burdock

I once saw a couple of farmers in the Produce department laughing with disbelief at the idea that someone would grow this pesky pasture weed on purpose—yet burdock has been cultivated for food and medicine in Asia and elsewhere for a very long time. In Japan, it's sliced into thin strips, steamed, and served with soy sauce and sesame oil. Its mildly sweet and earthy flavors great in soups and stews as well (try it with other root crops, mushrooms and miso). Burdock's liver-stimulating properties also make it a helpful, cleansing addition to the winter diet. 

South River Three-Year Barley Miso

I love miso, and South River’s is the best! They make their miso in the traditional Japanese manner. It’s chunkier and more flavorful than the stuff we who are used to miso are used to, and its slow fermentation process renders its ingredients more nutritionally accessible. South River’s barley miso is their richest and most intense. It makes a great soup; I like it best as a sauce, just a little thinned out with sesame oil and rice vinegar. That goes on top of sauteed, garlicky lacinato kale, itself atop baked sweet potatoes—an umami-laden, satisfying winter dish. 

Local Oyster Mushrooms

Mushrooms are amazing beings, and the oyster's exceptional in its role in ecological processes, as well as its probable benefits to humans. In any case, oyster mushrooms are beautiful, mild and delicious. I like to fry them in hot bacon fat or oil until they turn golden brown and chewy—or mix with other wild or cultivated mushrooms and bake for a long time with dill and sour cream. 


Taylor Farms Organic Power Greens Wellness Blend

These greens are delicious! Spinach, mizuna, chard, and kale all in one container washed and ready to go. My kids love it on tacos or with dressing. High in vitamin C and affordable. East and North only. 



King of the Onion; these will take many dishes to the next level of flavor town. Try caramelizing these with a pale ale and some sugar and you'll have a new favorite topping for fish or poultry. 


Willy Street Co-op Juice Bar Green Zinger

This is my favorite of our Juice Bar's creations. It is delicious and refreshing. This is great pick-me-up without the caffeine or processed sugar found in most energy drinks or coffee. If you are wondering what gives it zing, it's the ginger.

Bell and Evans Organic Bone-in, Skin-on Chicken Thighs

This is my favorite chicken that we sell. It is so delicious. The bones and skin add an amazing flavor and are easy to remove once cooked. It stays nice and moist in the oven. Always a wonderful addition to dinner.


Willy Street Co-op Risotto Cakes

I use these tasty little cakes for an easy side dish at dinner or a post-lunch snack. I'm sure they are extra delicious coming out of an oven, but 45 seconds in the microwave does me just fine. Now made with no gluten ingredients!


Willy Street Co-op Vegetable Spring Rolls with Spicy Peanut Sauce

I love fresh spring rolls. Our Co-op spring rolls are made with the same quality, organic vegetables you'll find in our Produce departments, then stuffed with soft rice noodles for a chewy compliment to the crunch of the fresh veggies. And then we have the sauce. This stuff is so good, I'd eat it on almost anything. Sweet, savory, and slightly spicy, this stuff is seriously delicious. They make a great appetizer to a grab-and-go lunch at the Co-op! I'm actually eating these as I type this.


Cesar's Queso Fresco

This cheese completes me! Perfectly salty and crumbly in texture. AMAZING on pretty much anything, but especially perfect on sweet corn or tacos.