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Run for the Board

We are looking for a few good Owners! Are you thinking about putting your name on the ballot to be a member of the Willy Street Co-op Board of Directors? Have you been wondering what it takes to serve on the Willy Street Co-op Board?

You don’t have to be an expert in cooperative businesses, or a guru of locally sourced products. While many of the members of the Board have some experience working with or for co-ops, the diversity of expertise and backgrounds around the table helps us think more creatively about our values and goals. One of our goals for the Board is to increase that diversity—in age, race, income, geography. The more the Board looks like a true subset of our Owners, the better we will do at truly being your representatives.

So we’d love to see some Owners who shop primarily at Willy West run. We’d like to have Owners who use the Access Discount throw their name in the ring, as well as others outside our current Board demographic.

Some things to think about in deciding to run
Serving on the Board is a commitment. Outside of the monthly Board meeting, there are committee meetings, documents to read and comment on, email conversations to keep on top of, Owner engagement events to attend, and the occasional beer to drink with fellow Board members. All in all, expect to spend 8 to 10 hours a month on Board business.

And there is a lot to learn once you start. Expect that it will take you three to six months to get truly up to speed on how we operate, the decision-making process, and what the role of the Board is versus that of the staff. And that’s okay. Answering your questions and providing context for discussions helps those of us who’ve been on the Board a while refresh our own understanding of why we’ve come to a certain position or established a particular policy.

If you feel that you’d be a great addition to the Board, please pick up a nominations packet (available at the Customer Service desks or here). Applications are due by 9pm on July 10th, the beginning of the business meeting at the Annual Meeting & Party.

Board candidacy packet available for download here.

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