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Board Elections, ULPs, Budget Planning, Inclusiveness & More

There were plenty of showers in April, so let’s hope we see some flowers now that it’s May! As usual, I have a lot to share with all of you this month. Let’s dig in, shall we?

Board Elections
Last year Owners approved a bylaw amendment that moved the Board election process from August to July. This means that the nomination period is officially open! If you are interested in running for your Co-op’s Board of Directors, or just interested in learning more, please pick up a nomination packet from the Customer Service desk at either retail location. All nominations are due by  June 1st, and voting will take place from July 1st to 21st, with results announced at the July 21st Board meeting.

Dismissal of ULPs
I am pleased to report that on March 24th, 2015, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) Regional Director issued a conditional decision to dismiss the unfair labor practice (ULP) claims made against the Co-op. The NLRB did not find that any of the claimed actions were intended to violate the National Labor Relations Act, but reserves the right to reassess within the next six months, should any other issues pertaining to the Act arise. We will keep you informed if anything else develops. We continue to foster participatory management practices with our staff and plan to find additional ways to address staff needs and improve our workplace.

FY16 Budget Planning
The budget process progressed rapidly over the course of April, with special project proposals being submitted, preliminary budgets for departments being drafted, and the solidification of our All Co-op Operational Goals for the next Fiscal Year. These four Operational Goals will shape the focus of our work over the next year. They are:

  1. Profitability: Achieve net income of 1.0% of sales.
  2. Customer Experience: Implement our values-based Customer Service Initiative, achieve a Net Promoter Score greater than 75%, and achieve a mystery shopper score of Y (exact goal TBD after engaging a mystery shopper service).
  3. One Co-op: Advance the principles of engagement, cohesiveness, and inclusivity.
  4. Operational Excellence: Improve the craft and quality of what we do on a daily basis by focusing on staff product knowledge, product quality, merchandising, and leadership development.

The Committee for an Inclusive Co-op and the Step Up Pledge
To better serve the needs of our Owners, employees, and our community at large, the Committee for an Inclusive Co-op (CIC) strives to make Willy Street Co-op an equitable, multicultural, inclusive workplace through systemic and sustainable means. As a first step in advancing this important work, committee members have asked various leadership bodies within the Co-op to sign the Step Up Pledge, which was created by the group Step Up: Equality. If you’re interested in learning more about Step Up: Equality, check out their website at:

You’ll have the opportunity to learn more about the Board’s work to develop policy language to guide these efforts in the Board’s Report on the Intersectionality Committee.

Introducing Patrick Schroeder, new Prepared Foods Director!
May will be Patrick’s first full month as the new Prepared Foods Director for our Co-op! Patrick has distinguished himself as a phenomenal cheese coordinator at Willy West, and we are thrilled to have him taking on this new role in the organization.

REAP Food Group’s Family Food Fest
One of our favorite local food organizations, REAP Food Group, is hosting a new event! Family Food Fest will take place at Lincoln Elementary School on Sunday, May 17th, and will feature a variety of activities, exhibits, performances, and other elements all about healthy, sustainable eating for families and the variety of farm to school programs happening through the city (including school gardens, improving school lunches, culinary education, and more). You can find more information about the event on their website:

Group Health Cooperative (GHC) Board Elections
If you are a member of Group Health Cooperative, please be sure to vote in the upcoming Board election! There are some exceptional candidates to choose from. You can learn more about the upcoming election, here:

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