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Q: I was told that this issue might be addressed by your department, Cooperative Services.

Today while reading the Community Bulletin Board in the exit hallway, every time someone exited I had to move out of their way. I felt uncomfortable standing there blocking the hallway to read the notices. I think this discourages people from viewing the board.

I understand the bulletin board was moved to this location to provide a large enough wall for notices. Thanks for making that a priority. It’s unfortunate that space was not provided for it in the redesign of the building.

Perhaps most of the bulletin board could be moved to the underutilized advertising wall facing the outside doors, as long as product displays do not block it.
Has this issue been discussed by management? I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on it.

A: Thanks for writing. Amanda forwarded your inquiry to me. The current location for the community posting board is actually the original location we had intended for that purpose, and the throughway ended up smaller than we anticipated. We decided to try the smaller board near the interior entrance because we did have some concerns regarding traffic flow. Unfortunately, as you know, we found that the board was too small to meet posting demands. It also posed some traffic concerns, and so that is why it has moved to the location near the interior exit, as initially planned. Without being able to grow the exterior footprint of the store any larger, this is the best solution we could offer.

I have checked in with our Communications Department regarding the board facing the exterior doors, per your suggestion. At this time, we are still experimenting with the best use of that board. It, too, would likely not be large enough to handle the volume of community postings that appear, and so we plan to keep using it for store announcements. There are plans in the works to make it more heavily utilized, and we appreciate that you had pointed that out to us!
Please let me know if I may assist you further. –Kirsten Moore, Director of Cooperative Services

Gluten-free pasta
Q: Is the Walnut Pesto Pasta Salad gluten-free? If not, could it have been labeled as such? I tried a bite and it didn’t feel right.

A: Thank you for writing in. The Pesto Walnut Feta Salad is gluten-free and made with RP’s gluten-free fusilli. RP’s is a certified gluten-free facility, and Willy Street Co-op’s Production Kitchen tests to ensure that we’re under the threshold to label as gluten-free. We do our best to ensure no cross-contamination has occurred, however we cannot guarantee it. Thank you again for your feedback and support.
–Angelika Matthews, Production Kitchen Manager

Vegan and gluten-free bakery
Q: Please make more bakery items that are both vegan and gluten-free. Thanks!

A: Thanks for writing in to request more bakery items that are both vegan and gluten-free. We recognize that these products are wanted by a growing number of our shoppers and recently introduced a number of new ones. We plan to continue developing more and are balancing these products with more traditional bakery, so the selection is likely to grow bit by bit. Please ask a staff member next time you’re in and we can help you find what you need. Thanks again for writing. Best, Josh Perkins, Former Prepared Foods Director

Best food ever
Q: The red curry tofu and the vegan spinach mushroom artichoke sun-dried tomato calzone tonight were both the best ever!!! Please offer these frequently in future hot bars!!!

A: Thank you very much for letting us know you enjoyed the red curry tofu and calzone you had at our hot bar. We will certainly plan to feature these items again and to keep developing other great hot bar options. Best, Josh Perkins, Former Prepared Foods Director

Quinoa costs
Q: Do you know why the red quinoa and black quinoa are $5.79/# at Willy West, but are more expensive at Willy East? Thanks!

A: Thank you for your comment. You are correct. Red quinoa is more expensive at East than at West. The reason is that West sells Multiple Organic’s red quinoa; East sells Alter Eco brand red quinoa. Alter Eco uses sound fair trade practices that cause less harm in the country of origin. I have contacted West and asked them to switch to Alter Eco. Thanks again. –Jim Green, Bulk Buyer–East

Cost per unit
Q: I really appreciate that you show cost per unit for groceries. Sometimes I find it hard to comparison shop though, because the units are not consistent. One area that is hard is cheeses. Another example is jars of olives: both jars show cost/oz. but one jar is for dry weight and the other is total weight in ounces. I’m not sure you all have time to address this—maybe it is too labor intensive. But just letting you know it would make shopping much easier. Thanks!

A: Thanks for writing! I agree that comparing products like you describe can be confusing. We’re currently talking internally about ways to address this, but as you say, it isdefinitely a challenge since we have limited time and resources. In the meantime, if you have a specific questions, feel free to ask a staff member. We have calculators that may help solve specific questions. Thanks again! –Megan Minnick Director of Purchasing

Mashed potatoes
Q: I’m so sick of chicken and rice on the hot bar. Can we get regular mashed potatoes or something?

A: We do now offer mashed potatoes on both hot bars. Hope you are enjoying them! Best, Josh Perkins, Former Prepared Foods Director
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