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Dave’s Top Ten Reasons You Should Run for the Board

I’ve been on the Willy Street Co-op Board since being elected to it last July and here are my top 10 reasons why you should run and become a Board member:

  1. You get to give away free pie samples at the stores in the fall (great work).
  2. Walking in a parade wearing your Willy Street Co-op Board member shirt giving away free candy to kids is a lot of fun.
  3. You get to talk to the crowd at the Annual Meeting and tell them why you are a great person to be on the Board.
  4. Great training in how the Co-op and Board work is provided and easy to understand. If I can understand it anyone can.
  5. The time commitment of seven to nine hours per month is spread out and easy to manage.
  6. You hopefully will be involved with opening a new store in a location with enthusiastic and welcoming residents.
  7. You will get to meet and work with great fellow Board members, staff and Owners all working for the same goals.
  8. You will help shape the Co-op’s future over the next three years.
  9. You will get a chance through outside training to see how other co-ops and the whole co-op industry functions.
  10. It is very rewarding to be on a Board of an organization committed to providing fresh, local and organic food to our community as well as treasuring its relationship with the environment.

Now is the time for YOU to run!!! Think about it for one more day and then get moving. Go to the website and check out “Running for the Board” ( or ask at the Co-op about running for the Board. Peace.

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