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Highlighting Our Three Unique Stores

One of the things I love best about our Co-op is our ability and willingness to offer consistency between our stores, while also being open to the distinct character of each of our locations and the unique needs of the Owners that each store serves. Balancing our “sameness” and differences isn’t always easy, but it makes us a more inclusive organization, and allows us to really serve the needs of our Owners in a way that the typical “cookie cutter” retail chain model just wouldn’t allow. This month, we decided to celebrate our differences by highlighting some of our favorite product offerings at each of our three stores: Willy North’s Meat department, Willy West’s Produce department, andWilly East’s delicious pizza program. I hope you enjoy the tour, and maybe you’ll even decide to visit a store you don’t usually frequent—you may be pleasantly surprised by what you’ll find!

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