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ATM fee clarification
Q: Why are you charging $2.50 per transaction to withdraw money to spend at Co-op. Doesn’t seem fair on so many levels.

A: The UW Credit Union supplies our ATM, and it is a no-fee ATM. UW does not charge a fee for using their ATM, but that does not stop your personal bank from charging a fee for using another entity’s ATM. The $2.50 charge was coming from your own bank. Thanks for writing! -Kirsten Moore, Director of Cooperative Services.

organic milk prices
Q: I will get my organic milk at the conventional grocery store due to your higher price. Work on it!

A: Thanks for the comment! Though we will never be the low-price leader, we are confident that our pricing on most products (including organic milk) is in-line with our local competitors. We conduct quarterly price checks at several in-town competitors. The latest round showed our organic milk prices to being the middle of the pack (our cost was $6.79for a gallon of 2% Organic Valley milk. The lowest competitor was $6.49, and the highest was $6.99). Are there any brands or products that you’ve found to be particularly out of line with the market? If so, I’d love to hear about them. Thanks. -Megan Minnick, Purchasing Director

peanut allergies
Q: Please treat peanut allergy with equal weight as gluten free when listing products. One is deadly; one is not. Thank you.

A: Thanks for the reminder! We try to be diligent about recognizing all food allergies, and have foods available that can fit into everyone’s diets. I should note that as diligent as we try to be, it’s always imperative that people who want to avoid certain foods read labels on the packages. This is really the only failsafe way to know that what you’re purchasing is peanut-free. -Megan Minnick, Purchasing Director

lower cholesterol
Q: My cholesterol has dropped from 220 to 150 since I’ve been eating here because of your fabulous vegan food. My doc is impressed. Thank you for your food.

A: Thank you for sharing this great news with us! Promoting healthy eating is something we value highly in our business and we’re very glad to hear our food has given enjoyment on more than one front. Thanks for shopping with us! Best, Josh Perkins, Prepared Foods Director
too much track

Q: The track lighting in the produce department [at East] is way overboard. Most of the time, they’re either casting your shadow on the produce, or they’re shining in your eyes.
Too many, badly positioned, brighter than needed. Thx.

A: The tracks in the Produce department are hung a little lower than originally planned due to the space the mechanicals needed. That said, I am planning a walkthrough with the Decor Coordinator to review the lighting in the store as soon as the maintenance team is available to help with making any adjustments needed. -Wynston Estis, Project Manager

bike parking
Q: Is it possible to label the bike parking closer to the building [at East] for bikes with trailers since they don’t fit well in the racks by the street? Thank you.

A: This is a fine suggestion. I think we’ll stencil the word “trailer” on the first three posts at the front of the store. We also plan to adjust the placement of some of the hoops at the Jenifer Street side of the property as well. Thanks for the suggestion. -Wynston Estis, Project Manager

outside gas grill
Q: I think it’d be great if you put a gas grill outside. I think it would add to the community, as well as to meal options.

A: As fun as that sounds we prefer to do the cooking at the Co-op. We want to keep our outdoor space safe for kids to run around in without too much difficulty which a hot grill would detract from. Thanks for writing. -Wynston Estis, Project Manager

Q: What happens to prepared food that doesn’t get sold the day it’s made? Such as things from the hot food area, bakery, etc.? Is it really worth preparing all that even knowing that not all will be sold? Does all the leftovers get dumped away? Or donated? Or something else?

A: We do our best to minimize loss, however, there will always be some. Depending on the type of product, it is either given away to staff or donated. Very little is ever just thrown in the trash. -Gina Jimenez-Lalor, Deli Manager–East

bottled hot toddy
Q: Can you please bottle the hot toddy mix and put it in the refrigerated section? Sometimes I don’t get here until after the juice bar closes and it really helps me feel better when I’m sick.

A: Yes! It’s that time of year again. Look for it on our fresh juice shelf in the produce section next to the Juice Bar! Thanks! - Gina Jimenez-Lalor, Deli Manager–East

plastic bins of spinach
Q: Please ask the produce buyer if they’ll buy smaller size plastic bins of mixed greens with spinach. The large ones go to rot before you can use them.

A: We offer the 5 oz. bags! We offer the 5oz bags instead of the 5oz bins because they sell better, and they cost less. -Andy Johnston, Produce Manager–East

hot bar scale
Q: Please put a scale near the hot and cold food bar. Otherwise there is no way to know the cost of the food. The scale at the deli is often in use, and the price of the food cannot be set by the customer.

A: Thank you for your suggestion. It is something we have considered, however, we have determined there was not adequate space to make this happen. The Deli staff is happy to weigh your items for you at the counter. -Gina Jimenez-Lalor, Deli Manager–East

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