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Laloo’s Goat Milk Ice Cream
Get ready for a tasty, custard-like-old-fashioned-ice-cream-parlor treat. Made from 100 percent goat milk, which is lower in lactose and cholesterol than cow’s milk, but higher in vitamins A and D. Choose from Vanilla Snowflake or Deep Chocolate and pair with your favorite autumn pie. This ice cream is really, really gooood, unless you start saying “baaaa,” then you’ve had too much. Available in the frozen section in pints. Available at West.

Nutiva Buttery Spread
If you’ve been waiting for the ideal alternative to butter, it’s here. This spread is organic, vegan, non-GMO, dairy-free, soy-free, canola-free, and trans fat-free. Use it just like you would butter, and in baking it’s a 1:1 replacement ratio to butter. Loaded with antioxidants, with 100 percent less cholesterol than butter. Available in 13 oz. tubs in the dairy section. Available at West.

Living the Dream Duck Eggs
Get them while you can, these duck eggs are from Khaki Campbell ducks who spend their days in pastures and their nights in barns eating chemical-free organic hay. Duck eggs have a higher nutritional value than chicken eggs and are higher in Omega-3 fatty acids. LTD Farm also utilizes permaculture for building farm systems while providing a safe environment for their ducks. Available seasonally in the dairy section. Available at East and West.

Amazing Grass Green Superfoods
Certified organic greens blended with antioxidant-rich fruits and supportive herbs. Vegan, gluten-free and raw! We carry three varieties: Original, Berry Green, and Lemon Lime Energy. Available at East and West.

Earth Mama Angel Baby Baby bodycare products
Organic, vegan, and free of artificial preservatives and fragrances. Ranked either 0 or 1 on EWG’s website—as gentle as it gets! Check out their Angel Baby Bottom Balm—for use as a diaper cream or for any other bump, bruise or rash. Keep one in your diaper bag! Available at East and West.

Planet wise zipper sandwich bags
Reusable bags for sandwiches or snacks! No-leak design, these bags are made of FDA-approved food-safe materials, PVC-, BPA-, phthalate-, latex- and lead-free. Tons of adorable patterns. Wash, rinse, and reuse! Available at East and West.

Bass hairbrushes
Beautiful, solid wood handles with wood pin bristles. Check out their wooden combs too! Available at East and West.

New Chapter Turmeric Force
Now in a liquid vegetarian capsule! Not only are the capsules 100% vegetarian now, they are also non-GMO product verified, as is the turmeric inside. Available at East and West.

Pact Socks
Made with organic cotton, Fair Trade certified, and cotton sourced from farmer-run cooperatives. Not to mention a great fit and design! Available at East and West.

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