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Finding the Right Nutrition Shake: A Kid’s Point of View

With school getting ready to start up in a couple of weeks, we know that our slow mornings are suddenly going to be rushed. While our mom and dad do make us breakfast often, some mornings get busy and we have to either eat cereal quickly before the bus arrives, or take a smoothie or a nutritional shake to get our nutrients in before we head off to school. Our dad wanted us to find something “more healthy” than the typical breakfast drinks, so he offered to buy us whatever nutritional shake pouches were available at the Co-op to try for a week. We tried them all the same way every morning for four mornings in a row, and came up with our rankings.

The four nutritional shakes that we tried were: Tera’s Whey, Vega One, Garden of Life Raw Protein and Garden of Life Organic Plant Protein. We mixed them with Organic Valley 0% lactose-free milk in a shaker, which our dad shook for us and we poured into glasses so we could see the foaminess (foamy is good) and how well they mixed. For each of these, we used the same flavor for each one—chocolate!

Here are our results.

Tera’s Whey: 20g of protein, 2 g of sugar
Chocolate ranking: 1; Foamy ranking: 2; Goodness ranking: 1; Nutritional ranking: 4. Tera’s Whey tasted the best out of all the nutritional shakes we sampled. Otto thought it was sweet and Phoebe thought it wasn’t that sweet.

Vega One: 20g of protein, less than 1g sugar
Chocolate ranking: 2 Foamy ranking: 1; Goodness ranking: 2; Nutritional ranking: 1. Phoebe likes it but not enough to have it every morning, Otto thought it was a little gritty, but no “too bad.”

Garden of Life Organic Plant Protein: 15g of protein 1.5g of sugar
Chocolate ranking: 3; Foamy ranking: 3; Goodness ranking: 3; Nutritional ranking: 4. Phoebe thought this one was “too grainy” and managed to only take a little taste. Otto took a bigger sip and said that it didn’t taste like chocolate at all. We were both grossed out by all the stuff sitting at the bottom even though our dad shook it up really well.

Garden of Life Raw: Protein 17g of protein, less than 1g
Chocolate ranking: 4; Foamy ranking: 4; Goodness ranking: 4; Nutritional ranking: 3. It wasn’t until we brought this home that our dad pointed out that the package states, “Not intended for children,” oops. He shook it up for us anyway and we tried it, but it was gross. Phoebe stuck her tongue in it and declared it “disgusting.” Otto took a hearty drink and then spit it back out into the glass. We know that our test results are probably not the same as they might be for everyone, but we thought that maybe people would be interested in the kid perspective of some of these products. There are other nutritional shake products at the Co-op in larger sizes, and also in other flavors, so hopefully you can find one that your kids will like. Thank you!

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