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Saying Thank You…
It’s that time of year again—the gardens have been put to bed, the pumpkins have been carved and we’ve all had our share of sweet treats. November has arrived! ’Tis the start of the 2015 holiday season, and I am thanking all of my lucky stars for a safe and healthy first 11 months of 2015. Some people I would especially like to call out:

  • ZEBRADOG, for offering up our parking spots over the weekend and helping our Owners access Willy East more easily.
  • Our new landlords at Willy West, General Capital Group, for being great new partners to work with.
  • Willy Street Co-op staff, for doing an amazing job at every aspect of this organization.
  • Our local vendors, who create a thriving and delicious food culture and nourish our bodies and our loved ones’ bodies.
  • All the people who pay attention in the parking lot, be it making way for bikers, yielding to pedestrians, or letting people in or out of the driveways.
  • You, our wonderful Owners, for keeping our Co-op’s doors not only open, but bustling with vibrancy and life.

We’re doing special Thanksgiving catering this year—entrees, sides and desserts! If you’d like to take some cooking off your or your family’s plate, we’re happy to provide you with tasty and nourishing knoshes. Of course, vegan and gluten-free options are available.

POP (Pantries ofPlenty)
This month we’re rolling out the Pantries of Plenty (POP) program again! Customers can donate $5, $10, or $25 at the register. The total amount of donations from both stores will be split evenly between the food pantries at Wil-Mar Neighborhood Center, Goodman Community Center, the Lussier Community & Education Center, and Middleton Outreach Ministry. (These are the organizations that receive food donations left on the donation shelves in our stores.) Last year we raised $4,090—think we can make it $5000 this year?!

Mural at Willy East
The mural project officially started mid-October, and we are happy to have Ryan Haimerl as our inaugural artist! We will enjoy his Wisconsin themed mural this fall/winter, and begin the selection process for the next season of painters this February. If you or someone you know is interested in proposing a project for this space, please contact Stephanie Ricketts at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.! Our hope is to have a queue of artists and switch the mural every two months.

Our Jenifer Street mosaic has been put on hold for the winter season while we work with MNA Arts Committee to set up a design selection process.

Gift Boxes
If you’re looking for a tasty something for your meal hosts or a great something special for a holiday gift recipient, check out our gift boxes! Full of staff-selected favorites, each themed box ranges in price from $32.99-$57 and comes in a sweet wooden box.

Third Store Update
We’re still in the process of identifying a viable site for a third retail location. While we need to keep things under wraps at this point, I can share that there are some exciting possibilities out there. Hopefully we’ll have more specific information to share by thespring.

Board Retreat and ENDS Revisions
The Willy Street Co-op Board of Directors meets for their annual retreat this month. One of the aims of this gathering is to finalize a revised set of ENDS policies. The ENDS guide the work of the operational team, and are a foundational element of our cooperative’s policy governance model. We look forward to incorporating the new ENDS into our strategic planning work!

Seeking Finance Committee Member
The Board’s Finance Committee has a vacancy! After over six years of service on the Finance Committee, Buck Rhyme is stepping down from the committee to pursue other interests. Thank you, Buck, for being a part of the governance of this organization through a successful second store opening, the remodel of East, the move to a central office and a plethora of other major Co-op discussions and decisions!

If you have experience in monitoring the financials of an organization, are committed to Willy Street Co-op and its ideals, are available for a five-to-seven hour commitment each month, and are interested on serving on this committee, please contact Stephanie Ricketts at .

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