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Thanksgiving Meals

So, fall is here. The turn of the weather prompts many of us to begin thinking of the season to come and, notably, some major holidays that come along with it. But, man, wasn’t it just summer like five minutes ago? Do I really have to start thinking about the parties, family gatherings, potlucks, and general holiday festivities already? For me personally, the answer is no. I’m going to let that planning slide until at least T-minus two weeks. For me professionally, and all of the staff here at your Co-op, you bet your baster the answer is yes! We’ve been talking turkey (and other things) since August, and for good reason: November and December are big months in food. Gardens are gone, farmers’ markets get smaller and move inside, and more people show up at your door (and you theirs) than any other time of the year. And what lubricant keeps all of these social mechanics moving? Lots of great food! (Yeah, yeah, and booze, too.)

Pre-ordered Thanksgiving meals
With that in mind, I am happy to report that we are resurrecting a Thanksgiving offering of ours: pre-ordered Thanksgiving meals! We will have a full menu of Thanksgiving-inspired repast. So, whether you wish to order one of our pre-set whole meals (traditional, vegan and gluten-free) or construct your own a la carte, you will be able to do so by calling our Catering Deptartment at 608-237-1201 or by emailing them at between the time you read this and November 20th. After that date, we will have to stop accepting orders so that we can cook for all the ones we’ve gotten! If you’re looking for the menu, look no further than this page. It is also online at and at the Customer Service desks of both stores. If you’re reading this after November 20th and you can’t place a pre-order, don’t despair! Both Willy West and Willy East Delis will have a full array of goods during the week leading up to Thanksgiving. Just stop on down!

No Thanksgiving meal is truly complete without a pie, so be sure to order those, too! This year we are offering pumpkin, apple, peach and pecan. We will have traditional varieties of all of these and vegan gluten-free varieties of the pumpkin, apple, and peach. Not to be missed are the local components of these babies—Lonesome Stone flour, Door County peaches from Healthy Ridge Farm, Alcam butter from Richland Center, apples from Ela Orchard in Rochester, and Wisconsin pumpkins. In addition to being sourced locally, many of these were also processed locally. We are extremely grateful to Innovation Kitchen, FEED Kitchens, and the students of the Madison Urban Ministries River Bakery program for puréeing pumpkins, peelings apples, slicing peaches and then helping us store it all. Give them all a big huzzah by enjoying a pie this season.

Thank you all!

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