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Table Centerpieces

Centerpiece made in under 5 minutes

Fall is a lovely season for entertaining—the days are getting shorter and the nights are getting colder, making for lots of opportunities to have cozy get-togethers with family.

A centerpiece is a simple yet lovely way to set the mood for anything from a casual potluck to a formal dinner.

Whether you have just a few minutes for a no-frills small gathering or all day to prepare for a more elaborate feast, we have what you need to make beautiful centerpieces right here at the Co-op!

Under 5 Minutes

Set a casual but intimate table with a small cluster of beautiful candles. I used both sizes of Sunbeam’s Pinecone candles on a locally made cutting board. They look equally lovely on the Bambeco stoneware. Add some color by sprinkling local cranberries around the candles. If pillar candles are more your thing, get into the season by tying cinnamon sticks around them with twine.

Centerpiece made in under 15 minutesUnder 15 Minutes

For a more festive table, use gourds and seasonal foliage for a great autumnal effect. I used a wide, shallow African Market Basket and surrounded a locally sourced Mason Jar Bouquet with locally grown decorative gourds. This would be easy to modify throughout the season by replacing gourds with apples or pinecones and the flower bouquet could get switched out with sticks, wheat, or small branches with fall leaves!

Under 1 Hour

For the table your guests will find hard to forget, a gorgeous pumpkin floral arrangement will be worth the extra time and effort. There are two main techniques for creating this arrangement; in the first the pumpkin remains whole and undamaged, in the second the top is cut off and the seeds and pulp are removed. In my arrangement I employed technique 1 and used amaranth, dahlias, cockscomb, and decorative kale (as well as others) in my floral arrangement.

Centerpiece made in under one hour

Technique 1


White (or otherwise awesomely unique) pumpkin

Wet floral foam (not available at the Co-op)

Wet floral tape (not available at the Co-op)

Beautiful seasonal flowers (2 big bouquets or 3-4 small)

Affix a 2” tall cylindrical piece of wet floral foam to the top of your pumpkin (you may want to remove the stem) with floral tape.

Go wild inserting all those flowers into the floral foam disc! It can be helpful to think about what will look best at the bottom, lying right on the pumpkin or cascading down it, as well as what will be really showstopping on top and then filling toward the middle. Make sure to cover all the floral foam, though; that’s the trickiest part. Save some leaves with firm stems to help fill in bare spots at the end.

This technique is great because the pumpkin can be reused several times by removing dead flowers and adding fresh ones, keeping your table looking fantastic all season long.

Technique 2


White (or otherwise awesomely unique) pumpkin

Sharp knife

Big spoon

Floral foam or small jar/vase that will fit inside the pumpkin

Directions: Start by cutting a hole in the top of the pumpkin, just like carving a jack-o-lantern, keeping in mind the size of the jar or vase if you using one. Scoop out and discard the seeds and pulp. If using floral foam, put a decent-sized piece inside the pumpkin, otherwise place jar or vase inside and add flowers!


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