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Beauregard Sweet Potatoes

This variety makes the best Sweet Potato Fries! I like to toss the fries with coconut oil, chili powder, smoked paprika, salt and pepper. I roast in the oven at 400ºF for 45 min to 1 hour, turning them once half way through. So good!




Ela Orchard McIntosh Apples

The McIntosh apple from Ela Orchard is a classic apple has tender white flesh that is packed full of flavor; consistently one of the our best apples in my opinion. This apple also happens to be from one of my favorite local farms, run by some of the nicest people you will ever meet. 




Red Kuri Squash

Red Kuri is always one of my favorite winter squash varieties, if not the best! It always delivers in taste, with a smooth, sweet, chestnut-like flavor, and deep hued yellow-ish orange flesh. It’s great baked, sautéed, steamed, you name it. Don’t forget it pairs really well with the chestnuts you’ll find around the holidays in the Produce department as well! 




Fuyu Persimmons

This variety of persimmon can be eaten when it is still slightly firm. It is incredibly sweet with notes of cinnamon. 




Willy Street Co-op Juice Bar’s Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice

I’m normally not a fan of orange juice. I find it very sour. However, I absolutely love oranges. I first tried a sample at the store and fell in love! The orange juice is so incredibly sweet! The texture is smooth aside from the few pieces of orange that add to the freshness. I am forever addicted!




Madame Chu’s sauces

Madame Chu’s sauces are incredibly flavorful! Adding just a little to a dish can really amp up the flavor, and they’re very versatile. All of my experiments with them so far have tasted great. My favorite thing to do with the Sambal Nyonya sauce (which is spicy) is to put it in a veggie stir-fry, add some roasted peanuts, and serve over rice. And I love putting a little of the Ginger Garlic sauce (which is mild) in scrambled eggs. 




Organic Coconut Date Rolls

These are soft, chewy, and delicious! These rolls satisfy the craving for a sweet snack and they are an organic whole food. 




Gail Ambrosius Caramels

Such a great way to treat a friend or myself. Sweet, salty AND covered in chocolate! They are super rich and buttery so just one is enough but I’m in no way opposed to eating the whole box in a sitting. Honestly, I think they might even be medicinal ;)




Beyond Meat, the Beyond Burger

This plant protein meat substitute tastes so much like meat it is insane! Can be prepared any way that a traditional burger can be prepared. The perfect substitute for a vegan or vegetarian.




Raw Rev Glo Peanut Butter, Chocolate and Sea Salt

I searched far and wide for a high protein bar that wasn’t packed with sugar. Raw Rev Glo fits the bill perfectly - sweet, delicious, and nutritionally balanced. I eat at least one a day, and tend to buy them by the case!

Alba Botanica Acne Dote Pimple Patches

These are the perfect spot treatment for the occasional pimple. I wash my face before bed, then apply these patches directly to blemishes. They contain a combination of tea tree oil and witch hazel, which naturally battle pimples while I sleep. Pretty cool! My skin is too sensitive for most acne treatments, but this is a mild and effective way to take care of business. 



Salad Girl Pomegranate Pear Dressing

My favorite salad is spinach, Ataulfo mangos (or peaches), blueberries, toasted pecans and this dressing. Unlike most fruit-based dressings, which I find too sweet, Salad Girl dressings are just the right combination of tart and sweet.




Ripple Half & Half

People can be finicky with their alt-milk proteins and this one, made with a proprietary formulation using pea protein, will not be everyone’s cup of coffee. I prefer it because it mixes well (some just don’t), it’s not coconutty (not always a fan in my brew), and it’s milky-creamy. I’ll leave you with this wish: If your cup is full, may it be again. 




Earth Balance Vegan Cheddar Squares

These are sooooooooo GOOD!!! I could eat the whole box in one sitting (I have, actually, and more than once). They have a delicious “cheddar-y” flavor BUT they’re vegan!! 




A2 Whole Milk

I generally avoid milk (other than butter/cream which don’t seem to bother me) but I’ve found that this doesn’t give me the digestive symptoms I experience with others. A lot of people that thought they were lactose intolerant have discovered their problem isn’t the lactose but rather a specific protein not found in the heirloom breeds used for these products.

Silver Creek Venison Summer Sausage

Tastes great, and it doesn’t get much more “Wisconsin” than venison!

Ancient Nutrition Vanilla Bone Broth Protein

High-quality, paleo-friendly instant protein option. Tasty vanilla flavor makes it versatile for more mixing options.




Newman’s Own Wintergreen Mints

These mints have a great taste and texture. I keep them in my workbag to have after lunch so I don’t crave sweet things. I’ve also come to love looking at the polar bear’s sweet little face. 




Heritage Store Rosewater Spray

Perfect to re-hydrate your face, I use this product every day! It’s the best pick-me-up. (Also works great as a setting spray)




Innovative CBD Lozenges, Tangerine, Key Lime, Cherry, Lemon Flavors

Wonderfully light, sweet, and long-lasting candy with a purpose! The tangerine flavor is my personal favorite. I truly felt the immediate effects of the CBD strongly and quickly, more so than other CBD products I’ve used.




Bodhi Whipped Soap Body Scrub White Tea + Ginger

I absolutely love this body scrub! The castile soap in it is gentle enough to be used by sensitive skin and the scent is potent yet light enough that it doesn’t come off overpowering. The volcanic ash is perfect for getting paint off your hands/arms after an afternoon of splatter painting outside. I also love that this brand supports STEM, which encourages youth to pursue careers in science and technology.




Herbs Etc. Osha Root Rocky Mt. Throat Syrup

Persistent itchy cough? Say no more! Osha root throat syrup works great at coating my throat so I don’t feel that annoying itch AND its powerful blend of herbs tastes better than any cough syrup I’ve ever had (and I HATE taking cough syrup). You could be only two teaspoons away from feeling better so, why not give it a try?! 




Medicine Mama’s Sweet Bee Magic Healing Cream

This was my go to diaper rash cream for my kid, and continues to be my favorite goop for any skin issue on his delicate skin or mine! It’s got ingredients I understand, it’s soft and absorbs really well, not greasy, and smells light and lovely. Highly recommended!


Pink Lady Apples

So sweet and yummy, my kid’s favorite apple, and he pretty much lives on apples and peanut butter. Not a bad late night snack for mama either.




Alaffia Handmade Baskets

They are beautiful, well-made, and easy on my budget. I love the personalized tag that lets you know who made it and where they’re from. They work well for carrying groceries and wrangling my DVDs, which, have been made obsolete by digital media outlets. That’s right iTUNES! I’m keeping my VHS copies of The a lovely basket, right next to my harpsichord! BOOM!




Lemon Rosemary Scones

Who’d have thunk you could get a decent scone in the USA... but you can! Light, fluffy, not dry, and subtly flavored. It is a delightful breakfast treat.




Willy Street Co-op Vegan Carrot Cupcake

When I first tried this cupcake, I didn’t even know it was vegan. The cake is moist and flavorful but the frosting is the best part! It’s ooey, gooey and animal product-free. I’m not even a vegan, but I think this is one of the best carrot cupcakes I’ve ever had!




Willy Street Co-op Peanut Butter Pie

Anyone who loves chocolate, peanut butter, or cheesecake would love this. It comes in one slice or a half pie, so it is great if you just want a slice or want to share (or in my case eat the whole half by yourself).




Willy Street Co-op Risotto Cakes

I use these tasty little cakes for an easy side dish at dinner or a post-lunch snack. I’m sure they are extra delicious coming out of an oven, but 45 seconds in the microwave does me just fine. Now made with no gluten Ingredients!




Carr Valley Cocoa Cardona

“Chocolate and Cheese” is no longer just the name of your favorite Ween album. This semi-firm, decadent goat’s milk cheese from local cheesemakers, Carr Valley, is the perfect dessert cheese (think chocolate mousse). It is super nice paired with an iced wine or Shiraz. Available at North and West only.




Cheese Niblet Bin

I was not an adventurous cheese-eater before. But with the niblet bin, I can try different small pieces of cheese. I guess you could say it has really broken me out of my cheese shell! 




Cedar Road Meats Peppered Bacon

This bacon comes with a built-in peppery kick. It is super delicious in a BLT, crumbled over a salad, or added to any breakfast sandwich!


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