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Case Discounts at the Co-op

Looking for ways to stretch your grocery dollar? Take advantage of the pre-order case discount at Willy Street Co-op!

Another perk of Co-op Ownership, pre-orders are for case quantities of product we currently carry. Say you go through a lot of Muir Glen canned tomatoes or drink a Guayaki Yerba Maté drink every morning to get you going—why not save yourself some money and order a case?

Case discounts are 10% off the price of the case. This discount does not compound with other discounts, including items that are on sale, or for Owners who have the Access Discount (10% off purchases for those who qualify for certain programs including QUEST/Food Stamp Program, WIC, Medicaid—check with Customer Service to see if you qualify). Also, there is no case discount for certain sub-departments including bulk coffee, liquid dairy (refrigerated milk, soymilk, rice milk), eggs, fresh bread, and floral.

While we strive to carry many of the same products at both stores, there might be an item you’re interested in purchasing a case of that the Willy Street Co-op on the other side of town carries. No sweat; currently both stores will honor each other’s product lines in regards to pre-orders (i.e., if Willy West carries a product but East does not, a customer requesting a pre-order at East would be able to order said product and receive any applicable discounts). You can place your order with any staff member at your desired location. The exception here is beer and wine, which can only be purchased from Willy West.

Any staff member on the floor or working Customer Service will assist you in placing your order. A staff member who is on our buying team will then contact you via phone (or email if preferred) when your order is in and priced. Simple as that!
Similar to pre-orders, we can take orders for products that we don’t carry, but are available through one of our distributors or vendors. They are referred to as special orders, but they do not qualify for a case discount.
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