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Owner Appreciation; Board Work & More

After another fruitful summer who is ready for a bountiful fall? Every year October is dedicated to Owner appreciation. Both stores will be offering specials and events to demonstrate the Co-op’s commitment to our Owners. The Board of Directors also offers you a hearty thank you for supporting our local food economy through Willy Street Co-op.

Owner Appreciation
I always feel a little awkward with the Co-op thanking me for being an Owner. It’s kind of like my parents thanking me for joining them for the holidays. It suggests that I’m not just as thankful to be invited and enjoy the great family time. We all can use more appreciation so I will roll with it. But I’m guessing many of you are as thankful you have the Co-op as the Co-op is to have you.

Some of us get so excited about the Co-op that we proudly sport eggplant stickers on vehicles, carry branded shopping bags, and wear fashionable Willy Street Co-op t-shirts. A few ardent Owners volunteer to serve on committees and the Board of Directors.

The August election gave us eleven great choices to elect for three Board of Director seats. The three new Directors are right now swimming in financial reports, deciphering acronyms, and wrestling with how the Willy Street Co-op can be a cornerstone of a vibrant community.

I joined the Board in 2009. I thoroughly enjoy it. That said, serving the Owners is a challenge. The most difficult task is eking out the time from already busy lives of careers, spouses, children, friends, chores, and leisure. The rewards are many. For me, the highlights are serving a value-driven organization, thinking strategically, and finding ways to get good food in the mouths of more folks.

Board work
As fall eases us into winter, your Board of Directors will be working on a number of things. These include:

  • Ensure we are a workplace of choice
  • Offer greater service to our Owners and potential new Owners
  • Complete a new strategic plan
  • Update the General Manager’s contract

Thanks again for joining me as an Owner of Willy Street Co-op!

As always please contact the Board with any questions, concerns, or compliments you may have—This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Intersectionality Committee
At the August Board meeting, the charter for an ad hoc Intersectionality Committee was approved by the Co-op’s Board of Directors.This committee will assist the Board in examining current policies using lenses of diversity, inclusion, equity, and accessibility. The Committee will also be responsible for educating Board members about these subjects, and proposing new intersectionality-based analyses and policies to address more inclusive, just, and equitable goals.
We are currently looking for Owners to serve on the Intersectionality Committee. If you are interested in this opportunity, or if you have specific questions related to it, please contact Board member Dawn Matlak via email: .

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