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Fair Trade Bodycare

When you think about Fair Trade products, what do you think of? You are probably thinking of coffee, chocolate, maybe bananas, right? Did you think of shea butter? Tea tree oil? Increasingly, you can find products containing body care ingredients that are being produced, harvested, and processed under third-party inspected conditions that benefit and protect workers.

At Willy Street Co-op, you’ll find several options for Fair Trade body care.

Alaffia Cooperative
Their bodycare products are under the brand names Alaffia, Beautiful Curls, Everyday Shea, and Everyday Coconut. This worker-owned cooperative produces certified Fair Trade shea butter and coconut oil, which is a main ingredient in all of their products. They off a huge variety of products to meet your whole family’s needs!

Dr. Bronner’s
Known for their castile soaps, Dr. Bronner’s sources as many ingredients as they can through Fair Trade sources. Ingredients such as—coconut oil, olive oil, alcohol (made from Fair Trade cane sugar), and tea tree oil, to name a few. Dr. Bronner’s makes castile liquid and bar soaps, and now toothpastes!

Acure Organics
Makers of fine organic body care products, Acure has Fair Trade ingredients in many of their products. They use Fair Trade ingredients such as rooibos, olive oil, and cocoa butter. It’s not in all their products, so be sure to read ingredients to make sure you are getting one with Fair Trade ingredients.

Frontier and Aura Cacia
Frontier Cooperative has a lot of Fair Trade options for our bulk tea, and also through their body care line Aura Cacia you can find Fair Trade Cocoa Butter. Use their cocoa butter to make your own body care products!

Nourish Organic
As of this writing, we carry only the deodorant cream which contains Fair Trade shea butter. Look for more from Nourish throughout the next year!

W.S. Badger
Known for their healing balms,this company uses Fair Trade ingredients whenever possible. They source Fair Trade ingredients such as cocoa butter and argan oil.

It’s great to live in a time where we have options as consumers to give our money to companies who are doing what they can to protect workers around the world. By supporting these companies, you can feel good from head to toe!

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