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FY15 Audit; Sustainability; Holiday Season; & More

Happy Owner Appreciation Month, Willy Street Co-op community!  Be sure to come in during Owner Appreciation Weekend (Friday, October 16th–Sunday, October 18th) for pie, special sales and oodles of other fun activities to celebrate our Willy Street Co-op community! More info further on in the Reader, and available on our website.

This year we celebrate our Co-op’s 41st year in existence. WOW! Thank you for being a part our past AND our present.

FY15 Audit
Speakingof the recent past, our Fiscal Year 2015 financial audit took place in early September and was approved by the Finance Committee and the Board of Directors at their respective September meetings. I am happy to report that we had a clean report from Wegner, our auditors, and relieved to share that we ended FY15 with less of a loss than initially expected. We anticipated a $600k loss, but our actual loss was $317k. Our FY15 sales totaled $41,482,798, an increase of approximately 3% over the previous year. We are keeping our focus on profitability this year by tightening up our labor budget, focusing on sales, and making prudent financial decisions operationally.

National Co-op Month
October is also National Co-op Month! This is YOUR Co-op, and it’s your pride, your loyalty, and your local investment that makes your store a success. One initiative we’re undertaking this year is an Equity Drive, encouraging all Owners to fully pay into your Fair Share. This month new Owners and all Owners who pay down equity on their Ownerships will have the administrative fees waived. This October all Paid-in-Full Owners will be entered in a drawing to win a coupon book for a free sandwich or smoothie once a month for a year. (See Customer Service to enter without making a purchase.) Your Fair Share is your investment in your Co-op, and as we look forward to the next 40+ years of Willy Street Co-op life, you are better positioning Willy Street Co-op to invest in the projects that will make your Co-op and community even better. Many Owners are already fully invested and we appreciate your support! Thank you!

Holiday season
Internally we are looking forward to the upcoming holiday season (where did the summer go?!). We’ve got some great local produce making appearances in our pies, hot bars, and other offerings, and will have lovely gift boxes available for the variety of social occasions these upcoming months will bring.

Sustainable focus
We are in a conversation with Kurt Reinhold of Legacy Solar Co-op regarding a PV solar array installation at Willy East. The project is a cooperative partnership between Legacy Solar Co-op members and the Co-op with an end goal to replace (and upgrade) the PV system damaged by the tornado last summer.  Legacy Solar Co-op will look to sell Solar Bonds to Owners who are interested in supporting local solar projects like this one and helping to green our communities. Stay tuned for more information about this exciting work.

Speaking of being green…
Green Madison is a citywide effort to educate and inspire Madison residents to reduce energy use. As an added incentive, Madison is one of 50+ cities competing for a $5 MILLION prize from Georgetown University that will go to the city that makes the biggest reductions in energy use. Here’s how to get involved today: 
All Madison residents are invited to take part in Cool Choices, a city-wide online sustainability game. Register, create a team, and play to reduce energy use, save money, and win prizes! 

Madison homeowners, did you know that energy efficiency improvements can cut utility bills by an average of $400 per year? Host a house party to receive a free energy assessment ($200-$400 value), recommendations for practical improvements, and follow-up assistance applying for rebates on any energy efficiency improvements you’d like to make. Sign up for an energy audit for a reduced price as part of Green Madison.
Learn more about all of these ways to participate by visiting:

 Alvarado Real Estate Group Madison Waldorf School Green Lake Hancock CenterDan Krause Artisan Dental Wheelhouse Studios

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