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Staff Picks

Joe Malone, Front End
Castle Rock Heavy Cream
This is the real stuff. It’s thick, has good texture and can stand on its own in terms of flavor. Great for all uses.

Willy Street Co-op The OC
Carrot juice has a distinct flavor that I like quite a bit, and the orange juice cuts some of the odd aftertastes that straight carrot juice tends to have. It’s the best of both worlds.

Green Kale
Has a strong flavor and a super-crunchy texture. Great as a chiffonade with oil and vinegar, and the strong flavor means you don’t always need anything to go with it.

Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Bar Soap
The peppermint smells and feels great and this in a soap sack is a great loofah replacement. Quality of soap seems just fine and great for the price.

Bob’s Red Mill Scottish Oatmeal
It has a wonderful, gloopy, gruel-like texture. Good hot or cold (leave it in yogurt and milk or cream overnight). Really, really good hot with some cream and raisins if you want a treat.

Ian Stocking, Grocery
Surf Sweet Gummy Worms
They are hands down the best gummy worms in the world—superior fruit flavor with a great gummy consistency.

Willy Street Co-op Hearth Oven Pizza
Our hearth oven pizza is verygood. The crust is rich and our toppings are delicious.

Willy Street Co-op Meatballs (from the fresh Meat department)
Perfectly seasoned, whether eating them by themselves or in a red sauce you don’t need to add anything—they are good to go and delicious!

Herban Cowboy Deodorant
Smells great, works great!

Blake’s Pot Pies
Blake’s Pot Pies have delicious gravy and good chunks of white-meat chicken in them—very good.

Frantseska Kois, Front End
Willy Pack Organic Medjool Dates
These are a great energy booster. I eat them on my long runs and training rides. They’re also great on days when I want something sweet but healthy.

Willy Street Co-op Almond Milk
It’s delicious and fresh. No carrageenan or other junk added. It’s my favorite milk alternative that’s prepared locally.

Garden To Be Farmhouse Mix
These micro greens are so delicious and nutritious and local! I like to eat them as is or to pair them with cheese and crackers, specifically the Dreamfarm Black Pepper Chevre.

Alaffia Daily Hydrating Conditioner
It’s hard to find a conditioner that works for my hair. This one is very hydrating and without added harmful chemicals or additives. I also like the fact that I can get it in bulk!

Dreamfarm Black Pepper Chevre
It’s a nice mild goat cheese. Local!

Sarah Lindh, Front End
Raw Bulk Cashews
I like that the Co-op offers raw cashews at a good price in the convenience of the bulk aisle. They are a start to many meals: morning cereal with almonds and raisins; the cream to my cheesecake; the meat of my curry; or the snack-on-the-go of choice for my spouse.

Willy Street Co-op Hot Toddy
I’ve made it before, and the production time was about two hours for just over 16 ounces of this liquid gold. Always will clear up a cold, warm me up, and overall give me a good sense of being. I like to sip it hot or cold, or do shots of it with a carrot juice chaser.

Harmony Valley Arugula
Every time someone from Viroqua comes through my line, I emphasize how much I love everything that comes from Harmony Valley Farm. Their arugula last year was on point all the time! I like to top avocado sandwiches with salt, pepper, and arugula, and I love to add it to my raw soups as well.

Veriditas Botanicals Lavender Essential Oil
For all of the DIYers out there, the Veriditas line of essential oils is central to body care and aromatherapy. Our products are great for upholding quality standards and delivering clean, wholesome results, and now you can do it the “ol’ fashioned way” by making it yourself. I love sharing this secret with people—that any combination of plants they desire can be achieved, and no, I don’t see why not. For example, I told someone today that they could soak their aka Zum Balls in frankincense and myrrh to reconstitute their air freshening abilities, and they were amazed! The world really opens up when you realize that the power is within you.

Ojio Coconut Oil
What can I say about coconut oil? It makes great popcorn, doubles as butter on everything (even popcorn), feels amazing on my face, hands, feet & body, is neutral and pure enough to combinewith essential oils and seasonings, and flavors well with almost any kind of cooking. Is there anything this stuff can’t do?

GleamMonona Grove Nursery School

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