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Vega Protein Powder

I was never into protein powders until I tried Vega on a whim one day...and now it’s my favorite after workout protein drink. The chocolate protein powder tastes great with my favorite nut milk and mixes well in my shaker cup. It almost tastes like chocolate milk because the texture is that smooth and creamy. A friend of mine convinced me to try the vanilla flavor with just WATER and even that was delicious. I’m still shocked. Vega is plant-based, has 20 grams of protein per serving, and if you try it, it might be your new favorite protein powder too.


Willy Street Co-op Vegetable Spring Rolls with Spicy Peanut Sauce

I love fresh spring rolls. Our Co-op spring rolls are made with the same quality, organic vegetables you’ll find in our Produce section, then stuffed with soft rice noodles for a chewy compliment to the crunch of the fresh veggies. And then we have the sauce. This stuff is so good, I’d eat it on almost anything. Sweet, savory, and slightly spicy, this stuff is seriously delicious. They make a great appetizer to a grab-and-go lunch at the Co-op! I’m actually eating these as I type this.




Willy Street Co-op Olive Bar

You can put together your own assortment of high-quality olives, whether just a few for a snack or a lot for a party tray. Also allows you try something new without buying a whole jar.


Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil

Not just another MCT oil. This is the one specified in the original recipe for “Bulletproof coffee” because of superior C8 (caprylic acid) content. American-made, and coconut-based to help protect orangutans (vs. typical palm-based products.)


Epic Pork Rinds

Crunchy low-carb snack option, made by a company that embraces healthy and sustainable production methods. Noticeably fresher, better taste than most other brands.


Epic Bars

Delicious, low-carb, and convenient. Wild Boar is probably my favorite.




Booda Butter Cream Deodorant

Made with only five food-grade ingredients, this all-natural deodorant is proof that often times simple is best! It goes on nice and smooth and does a great job of keeping smells and wetness at bay. It’s vegan and gluten-free, and I also love that most of the ingredients are organic and fair trade.


Raw Rev Glo Creamy Peanut Butter and Sea Salt Bar

This tasty little bar is packed with 15 grams of protein, 14 grams of fiber, with only 2 grams of sugar. This nugget of peanut buttery goodness is completely vegan, not too sweet, very satisfying, and surprisingly filling!




Jason Powersmile Toothpaste

Jason Powersmile is the mintiest toothpaste I have ever used. That blast of cool is the best way to wake up a morning mouth, in my humble opinion. And there is no gluten, SLS, or fluoride.




Chao Creamery Tomato Cayenne Slices

Okay, here’s the deal. These MELT really well. I take the whole block of chao slices, shred it on a grater, toss with some fresh tomatoes and onions, and throw it on some Stacey’s Organic Flour Tortillas, and fry it up. Top with some Tofutti sour cream and salsa or peppers of your choice and you have one zesty, delicious, dairy-free quesadilla.

Primal Pit Paste — Jasmine Scent

I have been trying to move away from a well known big name brand of deodorant because of ethical issues for quite some time and had tried about five other “natural” smaller brand deodorants over the years without success. I am active (jog/bike) and nothing worked very well and I kept going back to the old standby. After nearly giving up I tried Primal Pit Paste on recommendation. It works fantastic for me and has the best smell of any deodorant I’ve ever used—pleasant but subtle. More importantly it works well and with the paste I can easily control the amount I use depending on my planned activity level. 5 stars!

Megafood B12 Energy Cranberry Gummies

Vegans/gelatin-adverse—Don’t pass by these B12 gummies! These are made with organic cranberries sourced from northern Wisconsin and are certified vegan, gluten-free, have no high fructose corn syrup, and are non-GMO. A delicious daily treat to help you keep your nerve and blood cells happy.




Emmi Roth’s Swiss Kaltbach Le Cremeux

This Swiss cheese is a little stinky and aged in the Kaltbach caves in the Alpine Valley. This cheese is heavenly, creamy and smooth. Tastes great on its own or melted on casseroles and in omelettes. Pairs well with Chardonnay or single malt Scotch.


Original Bitchin’ Sauce

This is one of my favorite spreadable snacks with crackers or bread. It is lemony, and fresh. Reminds me of a combo of hummus and nut spread.




Nessalla Bulk Kombucha

I love that I can just get a glass of kombucha or fill my growler and get as little or as much as I want. There are always 3 great flavors to pick from and they rotate out different flavors. Then I can try flavors that I may not have tried before.


Willy Street Co-op Cheese Niblet Bin

I was not an adventurous cheese-eater before. But with the niblet bin, I can try different small pieces of cheese. I guess you could say it has really broken me out of my cheese shell!




Willy Street Co-op Mushroom Parm QBalls

Protein packed! Meatless meatballs that are made with quinoa, egg, and Parmesan cheese. No meat, still complete!



REBBL Vanilla Spice Protein

When rollerderby practice ends late, I need post-exercise fuel, but I don’t want to eat a full meal before getting into bed. REBBL has the calories and protein that I need without weighing me down. The ashwaghanda is an added bonus, helping to calm my body and my mind and allow me to get to sleep at the right time.




Virgil’s Organic Soda

Growing up I drank soda like it was going out of style. Clearly, not the best choice. No need to fear though, Virgil’s is here with a naturally sweetened, caffeine-free option that tastes really good too! So far I have tried the cream soda and the orange and both have been wonderful! Looking forward to trying more of the many options that we carry!




Celestial Seasonings Bengal Spice Tea

This non-caffeinated tea has a very strong cinnamon and clove flavor, making it wonderful for a relaxing day in while also being a mild pick-me-up for evening exhaustion. I like to brew it strong and drink it plain, paired with a piece of buttered toast as a bedtime snack, but it is good with milk too.




Gazela Vinho Verde

A super light, fizzy Portuguese wine. Goes really well with fish or other light meals. Perfect for summer porch-drinking or for mixing cocktails and punches! Plus, it’s super affordable!




Chocolove Toffee & Almonds in Milk Chocolate

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the blend of milk chocolate, toffee, and almonds in this chocolate bar. The milk chocolate will melt in your mouth and the bits of buttery sweet toffee will linger just long enough for you to want more.




Topo Chico Mineral Water

The best sparkling water. Not sure if it ever loses its carbonation. I opened a bottle before I fell asleep one time and it was still super bubbly the next morning. A true hero and legend.




Noosa Yogurts

This is perhaps the best yogurt I’ve ever had! It’s super creamy, and all of their flavors are unique and delicious. I prefer the strawberry rhubarb because it’s tart and sweet at the same time. You can eat it as a morning snack or as dessert :)




Taylor Farms Organic Asian Ginger Chopped Salad

This salad is easy to put together, with all the ingredients portioned out and ready to go. Just mix it up and eat! The flavor is great, it’s convenient and affordable. A nice healthy choice for a busy night.




Concord Grapes from Carandale Farm

When I was a kid, we had Concords growing on the fence along an edge of the back yard. In the years they were spared by the birds, it was heavenly to pop them in my mouth—a burst of the purest essence of grape. Grown at Carandale Farm, which focuses on unusual and heirloom fruit varieties appropriate to our climate, these bring back sweet memories and make me want to live forever.




Tipi Produce Organic Carrots

Some of you may not know this, and some of you are very familiar, but local Tipi carrots are quite famous around here. For years, we have enjoyed their perfect crunch and sweet juices. We are lucky to have them around for 8 or 9 months of the year. The last day we sell them, usually in May, is a sad one for many. We will eat some other veggie until September when they are back in our lives again. A cult classic indeed.

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