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Plastic-Free Bodycare

by Angela Pohlman, Wellness Category Manager

We’ve been getting a ton of requests lately for reduced or plastic-free bodycare. I’m so excited to see this interest. It’s been very gratifying seeing new and innovative products come into the market! We’ve carried some options for years that are plastic-free, and of course we’ve recently added some products that meet those needs. Here’s a quick summary of what we have as of this writing:

Bars soaps: Brands like Lusa and Pacha have no packaging at all, and brands like Indigo Wild, Four Elements, Madison Soap Company, Dr. Bronner’s, and several others use a paper wrapper that can be either recycled or composted. 

Solid Hair Care: We’ve carried Four Elements Herbal Shampoo Bar for years—a classic! We also have J.R. Liggett’s Shampoo bar, Lusa’s Shampoo and Shaving bars, as well as a new line from HiBar—solid shampoos and conditioners! 

No-plastic moisturizers: Four Elements makes luscious hand creams and oils that are in glass containers—reusable and recyclable! Lusa has a solid lotion bar in a reusable steel container, not to mention their sugar scrubs! Another option for moisturizing is using oils in glass jars—like coconut oil or olive oil; a little bit goes a long way! 

Pucker up without plastic: So far we have Booda Organics Eco Tube Lip balms—adorable little cardboard tubes. I found out recently that Lusa will be moving to the cardboard tubes as well! We’re still looking for more options, so stay tuned!

Best Face forward: Aside from using bar soaps for your face, brands such as American Provenance, Qet, Pranarom, and Evan Healy primarily use glass containers for their face care lines. Some of our customers use an oil to simultaneously wash and moisturize their face—consider coconut, argan or rosehip seed oils (the ones in glass bottles of course). 

De-Stink Sustainably: We have some spray deodorants in glass containers from Weleda, or glass jars with deodorant paste from Booda Organics. Lusa is moving towards a cardboard container for their deodorant. Look for that in the coming months! Qet has a paste deodorant in a plastic container, but it has no moving parts and can be easily cleaned to recycle.

Bulk Liquid Soaps: We have carried bulk liquid soaps, shampoos, and conditioners for years! Recently, after assessing sales, we reduced our options to just the products that were the most popular. With the resurgence of interest, we’re re-assessing our selection. Stay tuned...

Bulk Powders for DIYers: Don’t forget to look in our dry bulk section by the bulk herbs. You’ll find bentonite and french green clays which are excellent for making your own clay masks or poultices. We also have beeswax beads that are great for making your own lip balms or salves!

Oral Care for those who care: While we do have some toothpowders from Eco-Dent and My Magic Mud, they are in plastic containers that are recyclable. We are looking at other tooth powder and tablet options for the near future. Stay tuned!

Toothbrushes: We carry recycled plastic toothbrushes from Preserve, and bamboo toothbrushes from Green Panda. 

Floss: All stores carry Dental Lace —plastic-free floss made of silk, with a reusable glass container. 

Aunt Flo meets Ms. Frizzle: We have reusable pads from Party In My Pants as well as The Diva Cup reusable menstrual cup. We are assessing our options, and hoping to add more soon! Stay tuned!

The plastic-free bodycare industry is in its infancy; I expect we will see a ton more plastic-free options on our shelves in the coming months.