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Staff Picks


Origin Breads Sourdough Sandwich Loaf

Any loaf from Origin Breads is amazing. The sourdough is made with wild yeast. They source their grains from Meadowlark Organics in Ridgeway, Wisconsin, and Lonesome Stone Milling in Lone Rock, Wisconsin grinds the flour using an old-world stone milling technique. Then it is hand-formed and baked just down the street from Willy East on East Washington Ave. I pinky promise you will love this bread. 

Meredith Dairy Marinated Sheep & Goat Cheese

This is my new favorite cheese—thanks to Dan in the Cheese department at Willy East. It is so good warmed up under the broiler on some crusty bread. Such a treat and would make a perfect gift for any cheese lover in your life. Available at East and North.


Dr. Brite Mint Whitening Mouthwash

This woman-owned company saw a need for toxic-free mouth care. I’m looking to see my smile whiten up a bit in addition to protecting and cleansing my teeth and gums. Vegan, alcohol-free, SLS-free, fluoride-free, gluten-free. Safe to swallow. 


Willy Street Co-op Risotto Cakes

I use these tasty little cakes for an easy side dish at dinner or a post-lunch snack. I’m sure they are extra delicious coming out of an oven, but 45 seconds in the microwave does me just fine. Now made with no gluten ingredients!


MegaFood Acute Defense

I’ve taken this as directed for the last few colds I have gotten, and it really seems to help shorten the duration dramatically! I feel better faster, most importantly. It is all herbal, and the andrographis in it makes it bitter, but that is part of the medicine.Highly recommended!


Willy Street Co-op Mint Chocolate Pie

Ready to meet your new favorite dessert? Chocolately, minty mousse enveloped by organic, Fair Trade chocolate on top of a chocolate crumb crust. 

WilLy Street Co-op Mushroom Parm QBalls

Protein-packed! Meatless meatballs that are made with qunioa, egg, and parmesan cheese. No meat; still complete!


Cedar Road Meats Peppered Bacon

This bacon comes with a built in peppery kick. It is super delicious in a BLT, crumbled over a salad, or added to any breakfast sandwich! 


Dreamfarm Cracked Pepper Chevre

Dreamfarm is a small and sustainable organic farm in Cross Plains, Wisconsin. Their fresh-style goat cheese is made from milk sourced only from their farm in small batches with many of the steps done by hand. Willy Street Co-op is extremely lucky in that we are the only retail market that offers this amazing cheese! Highly recommended with Potter's Crackers Caramelized Onion Crackers.


Farm Fresh Canola Oil

Canola oil is a staple in my house and having a local option is amazing. I love knowing where it comes from. The taste is great and the bottle is pretty!


Willow Creek Braunschweiger

Delicious way to get some healthy organ meat in your diet. The secret is Willow Creek bacon. No unwanted additives like some other brands.


Koyo Garlic Pepper Ramen

Quick, easy, and delicious. I always keep a couple packets on hand if I need a quick meal at home. Easy to add other vegetables and a protein source to make super ramen! Vegan, non-GMO, and only $1.29!


Willy Street Co-op Hot Toddy Concentrate

I pick up a bottle of the hot toddy concentrate whenever I feel remotely like a sickness is coming on. Whether I actually turn out to be sick or not, it ALWAYS makes me feel better. I mix it with hot water for ultimate coziness. A little bit goes a long way, and it is really nice to share as well.

evanhealy Green Tea Clay

This is the best clay mask on our shelves—hands down, and I’ve tried almost all of them! It’s almost ritualistic: mixing a teaspoon or two of this beautiful powder with some hydrosol, scooping the mud onto your face, feeling your facial skin tighten as the mud dries (10 minutes-ish), then exfoliating it gently off in the sink (or shower). Clay is an excellent way to pull impurities out of your pores, leaving you with a more even complexion and natural glow. I also use this clay as a spot treatment for blemishes. Don’t let the price scare you away—this product is worth the price and a little bit goes a long way (lasts for months even when doing a mask once or twice a week). P.S. If your skin is very sensitive or mature, try the Evan Healy French Rose clay for a more gentle alternative. Selfcare, yes!

Driftless Dreams Caramels

New, USDA-certified, organic, locally grown hemp from the beautiful hills of Ocooch Mountain in Wisconsin’s Driftless region. Delicious, smooth, and creamy handmade caramel. What more could you ask for in a CBD product?! Each caramel is a lovely dose of 20mg full-spectrum CBD, and is currently the only Wisconsin-grown CBD option we offer on our shelves. Support local hemp farmers and support your own wellness with these delectable treats! Located at the registers, 20mg chocolates are also offered (but I’m tellin’ ya—the caramels are where it’s at!).


Wholesome Organic Delish Fish

If you enjoy other fish-shaped red candies then you’ll love these! Made with real ingredients and just as tasty! 


Apples to Atoms WineCrisp Apples

As the name suggests, this is a crisp apple with a fruity flavor. Firm, crispy flesh with mild tart taste. A great everyday eating apple.


Acure Moroccan Argan Oil

About six months ago I stopped washing my face with soap and started using Acure Moroccan Argan Oil. When washing off make-up, I rub this over my dry face and then remove the make-up with a warm washcloth. In the morning, I use this again with a warm washcloth. I've stopped having breakouts, and my skin is truly moisturized. Best yet, one bottle lasts me for several months. 


Willy Street Co-op Spring Rolls with Spicy Peanut Sauce

These are perfect for lunch or a snack. They are light, refreshing and just the right mix of textures. The spicy peanut sauce adds just the right tangy kick!


Four Elements Nettle Peppermint Tea 

I've been suffering from unusual summer allergies; everything bloomed late and it's been crazy windy blowing tons of pollen around. This nettle tea has been a real life saver. The peppermint is cooling and soothes. And it's local!! Nestled in the Baraboo Bluffs.

Salad Girl Blueberry Basil Salad Dressing 

Best salad dressings ever!! You will never go back, Seriously! All of their flavors are great :) But the Blueberry Basil is delightful during the late summer months where I'm throwing tons of peaches, cherries and strawberries in my salads and wraps. Pairs well with pistachios and feta. 

Super Charge Foods Spicy Madisonal Microgreens Mix 

It feels like Life!!! these little green dudes give you so much soul shine. The spicy mix really packs a punch. Perfect in salads, sandwiches, wraps, the list is endless 

Boody Eco Wear 

AMAZING!!! I have so many of their products. I've had one of the scoop necks for two years. It's still as black as black, retains it shape and stretch, is breathable and insanely soft :) I love these.


Willy Street Co-op Olive Bar

Yummy! I really like that the selection on the olive bar is different at all three of the stores. This way I can treat myself to my favorites at each of the stores. Great snack, great for entertaining, great with crackers and hummus. 

Wisconsin Meadows Grass-Fed Beef Jerky

This flavorful, lean jerky has become a staple in our house. Really glad that the product is local and grass-fed. Makes a nutritious high-protein snack that is great for those grab and go moments in life. 


Dandy Blend Instant Herbal Beverage with Dandelion

Dandelion is so good for the liver. My favorite way to drink this is with a teaspoon of Dandy Blend, a half teaspoon of instant decaf coffee, a splash of vanilla extract, a dash of cinnamon, sweetener of choice (optional) and choice of milk in 16 oz. of water. Delicious!


Organic Valley Cultured Butter (Unsalted)

Rich, creamy, organic, and supporting local economy and community?! Heck yeah. Nothing beats fresh, long-lasting energy you can add to the most basic and gourmet meals, all only produced within these abundant lands. 


Stacey's Organic Tortillas

Stacey's Tortillas are a staple in the Kain household. Wrap organic black beans, jasmine rice, ripe avocados, Cesar's Queso Quesadilla cheese, and Chip Magnet Cilantro Lime into a tortilla. Bake or grill for five minutes and serve with a dollop of Seven Stars Farm's        whole yogurt and drizzle with Cholula sauce. 


Carr Valley Mobay

Locally made, half goat cheese, half sheep cheese, separated by a line of vegetable ash. Delicious on pizza, crackers, on a burger or even on its own. Taste for yourself why this cheese should actually be spelled MoBAE ;) 

Fresh Figs

I pretty much live on fresh figs at this time of year!!! Juicy and filling, great on yogurt with granola or just one after the other after the other after the other....

Mourning Dove

Baby White Turnips

A couple years ago someone told me how "buttery" these turnips were. Based on how their eyes lit up, I just had to try them. Now I wait all year for them. I love to chop them up raw to add to salads, but I have to admit that I eat most of them before they make it to the bowl. 


PB8 Probiotics

PB8 offers a very affordable way to increase your digestive flora. This is especially helpful for maintaining your gut health during the holiday season and is also a great way to boost your immunity!