Other areas at the Co-op


Customer Service Desk

We're here to help! Visit or call the customer service desk for:

  • ownership applications
  • purchasing a gift card
  • questions about Co-op products and services
  • changing your address, phone number or email for your records
  • tickets to some community events
  • ordering special products like seasonal gift baskets or turkeys
  • returns
  • lost and found

Community Room

The Community Room is available to rent for private functions. These private functions are not posted on our public calendars so it is important to contact us for accurate availability times

For information about teaching cooking classes or holding other food-related events for Willy Street Co-op Owners, please use Event questions on our contact page or contact Liz Hawley about events at (608) 251-6776.

Form Downloads

(You will need Adobe Acrobat to open any of these files.)
PDF fileCo-op Sponsored
Event Proposal form

PDF file

Rental Application form

Note: The class listing calendar is not a complete schedule of events for the WSGC Community Room - it does not list private rentals. Subject to availability.

The Commons

A nice place to hang out, eat lunch, read the paper and talk with friends. You can also read customer comments (with our responses) and check out the flyers for community events and services.

Kid's Area

An area where children can play with toys, read a book or draw on a chalkboard. This area is not supervised, so please don't leave your children there unattended!

The Courtyard

The courtyard in the front of the store has many uses throughout the year. It's a space for Avant Gardening's summer plant sales and Christmas tree sales, home of the Great Pumpkin Patch during Owner Appreciation Days, and a comfortable place to bring your smoothie or Kung Pao tofu (when the weather's nice).

Cob Wall

The Cob wall was the result of a free sustainable building materials workshop. Cob (literally “lump of clay” in Olde English) is a traditional construction technique from Britain that has been used for over 500 years but has also been the building material of choice since the rise of civilization. Actually Cob is made out of sand, clay, straw, and water that has been thoroughly mixed together. Building with Cob is similar to sculpting. The structures are hand made and have organic, free-flowing, curved walls. Once dried the curved walls are incredibly strong and create warm, comfortable living space. Click here for more information and photos.

Rain Garden

We created a rain garden in the area behind the Co-op. Rain gardens help keep the water in the ground rather than allowing it to run off roofs and pavement into the sewer. As the water soaks through the ground, it is also naturally filtered. Click here for more information.

Exterior Mural Wall

In cooperation with the Marquette Neighborhood Association's Art and Culture Committee, Willy Street Co-op welcomed internationally acclaimed graffiti artist Panmela Castro (aka Anarkia Boladona) to design and paint this mural. Click here for more information.

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