Our Cooperative and You

Willy Street Co-op is a grocery cooperative specializing in natural, organic and local foods, following the Seven Cooperative Principles. Throughout our history, since 1974, we have done our best to serve our Owners and our community. We are now one of the nation’s largest grocery co-ops, with two stores (Madison and Middleton) and over 31,000 Owners. As we like to say, anyone can shop, anyone can join! There are many benefits of Ownership, including Owner-only sales, reduced prices for classes, and avoiding the 5% non-owner surcharge for purchases.

Willy Street Co-op Mission

Cooperation Among Co-ops

Co-op Principle Six is Cooperation Among Cooperatives. Cooperatives serve their Owners most effectively and strengthen the cooperative movement by working together through local, regional, national and international structures. You are more successful when you cooperate with others who know how to cooperate.

Willy Street Co-op participates in a lot of cooperative efforts locally, regionally, and nationally. Below is a list of resources for cooperatives and cooperatives where we are members.

Blooming Prairie Foundation

Dane Cooperative Alliance

Food Co-op Initiative

National Cooperative Business Association

National Cooperative Grocers

UW Center for Cooperatives