Owner Rights and Benefits

As a Willy Street Co-op Owner, you can:

  1. Receive a Patronage Refund during years the Co-op is profitable (initiated in late 2009)
  2. Take advantage of Owner Rewards sales and sign up to receive the flyer by email
  3. Receive free tickets to our Annual Meeting & Party
  4. Get discounts on pre-ordered case purchases
  5. Special order items not regularly sold in the store
  6. Receive our monthly newsletter, the Reader, in the mail or sign up to receive it by email
  7. Receive a 5% discount on Reader advertising
  8. Participate in the organization by serving on committees or running for the Board of Directors
  9. Enroll in our Access Discount Program to receive 10% off everyday purchases if you are in need of financial assistance. 
  10. Co-op reciprocity: When traveling you'll pay owner prices at most other retail food co-ops throughout the country by showing your Willy Street Co-op Owner card
  11. Save 5% every day (Owners pay shelf price; non-Owners pay 5% more)
  • Benefits are limited to Willy Street Co-op Owners only; purchase surcharges waived for customers with legitimate ownership cards from other existing food co-ops.