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10 Things You May Not Know About Willy East’s Deli

#1:Our Production Kitchen
Did you know that close to 75% of our service case is prepared at our Production Kitchen on Main Street? Our team of talented cooks work hard to provide our Owners with the highest-quality ingredients and unique options for a variety of dietary preferences and needs. Our cooks work with fresh organic produce (local when available), organic flour, local cheese, local eggs and local butter. We use meat that that is humanely raised without any hormones or antibiotics.

We offer a vast selection of dishes for the gluten intolerant including the use of RP’s Pasta’s gluten-free pasta in many of our Deli salads. Some favorites include: Chipotle Rice and Beans, Aztec Quinoa Salad and our ever popular Willy the Greek with wheat-free pasta.

We have vegan options like our famous Red Curry Tofu and vegetarian options for those of you who can’t get enough of that Wisconsin cheese like the Asiago Portabella Salad or the Garlic Lover’s Pasta. You can always find the classic Tuna Salad and Chicken Salad in our deli grab and go cooler. And for those of you who want their chicken salad to have a little flair...we offer a variety of chicken salads in our cold case as well, like the Curry Mango or Bok Choy Chicken Salad.

#2: In-house prep
About 25% of our service case is prepared in-house. This includes some of our deli-sliced meats such as the roast beef from Black Earth Meats and the free range turkey from Michigan. Both are slow roasted in our Deli kitchen. The Deli kitchen staff also prepares many of the hot case options like the burritos, “sandwich of the day” and specialty pizza slices, to name a few. Our cooks enjoy being creative and experimenting with a variety of ingredients, each week coming up with several new recipes for your enjoyment and, yes, our staff’s as well.

#3: Salad bar
Our salad bar is prepped daily using fresh organic produce and other quality ingredients. We offer a variety of organic and local dressings such as Renaissance Farms basil, lemon basil and cilantro dressing. We also have a selection of vinegars, olive oil and other fixins like our house-made croutons. In addition to the fresh produce and variety of prepared salads on our bar, we have soups made from scratch. Each day we offer a vegan and a non-vegan option.

#4: Sandwiches made to order
Our Deli makes sandwiches to order. Our sandwich menu was formed by our Deli staff. Deli staff members submitted ideas and various recipes. The favorites were then chosen and refined. We offer hot and cold options. Half sandwiches are also available!

#5: Our commitment to local vendors
Our Deli has a commitment to local vendors. Our sandwich bread comes from a variety of local bakeries. We use our friends down the street—Nature’s Bakery whole wheat bread. For our sourdough and country white, we use Kamm’s Bakery from Brooklyn, WI.Our Ruebens are on Jewish Rye from Stalzy’s Deli on Atwood Ave. and our gluten-free option is from Rustic Kitchens out of Oshkosh. We also feature Bunky’s Cafe dolmas and falafel in our deli case.

#6 gluten-free deli meats
Did you know that all of our deli meats are made without gluten? Some such as Thumann’s are even certified gluten-free. Many commercial brands are processed with a variety of binders or fillers such as wheat. The meats that we have selected for our Deli are all minimally processed containing only natural ingredients and no unnecessary additives.

#7 Organization
Many of you may not be aware but there is some thought put in to how we organize our Willy East Deli case. Facing the case, from right to left, we start with our vegan selections. We then move in to dishes that may contain egg, cheese or honey. Further left, we move in to salads containing meat. Then meat entrees such as whole chickens and meatloaf. To the far leftis where you would find our sliced cheese and meats. Of course all selections are labeled with ingredients listed. Knowing this simple organization could be a time saver for some.

#8 Pre-made green salads
Other time savers our Deli has to offer are pre-made green salads. We offer a Spinach Salad, Caesar and Chef Salad. All salads come with your choice of a variety of organic salad dressing. These pre-made salads are prepared fresh daily and conveniently located in our Deli grab & go cooler.

#9 Pre-made sandwiches
Also for your convenience—no time to wait for a sandwich? We offer a nice selection of vegan and non-vegan pre-made sandwiches and pockets. These sandwiches are made fresh daily and conveniently located in our Deli grab & go cooler as well.

#10 Hours
Our hours in the Deli, being a little different from the rest of the store, can be a little tricky. Our hot case is open from 7:30am–8:00pm, our made-to-order sandwich station is open from 8:00am–7:00pm and the olive bar, salad bar and cold case are open 7:30am–9:00pm. This schedule ensures that every area is properly set up, cleaned and maintained.

Thank you for shopping our Deli!

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