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A Letter to Owners

Dear Co-op Members,

You have by now been made aware of the news regarding our decision to terminate our Metropolitan Place lease. Needless to say we determined this to be a necessary yet unpleasant decision.

We all know from personal experience nothing can be more exasperating and disappointing than when outside forces derail our own personal plans. And as we all have learned, remaining calm, focused and resilient is the best method for overcoming outside obstacles we each face in our daily lives.

So it is with the leadership of your Co-op. Members of the Board and the General Management team have all experienced exacerbation and disappointment regarding Metropolitan Place. This being said, I am buoyed by the resilience and focus that Anya, the GM team and my fellow members of the Board have demonstrated in working towards a resolution of our situation. I believe if you witnessed the thoughtfulness and leadership displayed firsthand, you would share my confidence and pride in all the individuals involved.

The Board acknowledges operating in a rapidly changing environment is difficult on staff, members and anyone who cares about the success of the Co-op. Often in my business experience, when things aren’t going as planned, and the challenges appear multi-faceted, we adopt the following internal attitude and external approach: we remain calm and we “do the next right thing.” So it is with the Co-op’s leadership at this time. We remain calm, focused and making all attempts to “do the next right thing.” We are prudently considering our options moving forward.

We want to thank the many members who have acknowledged their concern and asked, “Is there anything I can do to help the situation?” Our answer is yes.

1) First and foremost please exercise patience and understanding during this unusual time. We will endeavor to keep you informed.

2) Second, keep doing your thing—shop the Co-op, give staff feedback about how your Co-op can be improved, and share with anyone that will listen why you shop the Co-op.

3) Finally, keep the good karma, smiles, and courteousness going towards all your fellow members and staff when you shop. I believe you’ll agree this is the one of the big reasons we all enjoy our Co-op shopping experience.

As always we welcome your thoughts, so feel free to email Board members at.

Sincere thanks for your time and your support,

Steve Silverberg